Donnerstag, 1. März 2012

LIVSTID - "LIVSTID" (Crustcore from Norway released in 2011)

("Fysisk Format" / "Lukket Avdeling" / "Nakkeskud Plater"; CD):
Another damn good Crustcore band and album that came up last year and totally hit me right in time with Crustcore coming up off big again on my personal musical schedule after I somehow forgot about it quite a bit over the last years. This CD I've got from a friend of mine and it blewed me away right from the very start of it. In Norway they can do far more than ''just'' Black Metal, and this here is incredible strong and just damn good extreme Crustcore build on a massive fast raging ''punky'' D-Beat basement foundament cultivated with some Death Metal and Black Metal impressions and strongly dominated by the furious guitar work that's enriched by intense, dark, sinister and metallic, heavy and morbid guitar leads and solo lines, marked by incredible and bulky massive rhythm work and charismatic hard and evil sharp shouted extreme lead vocals. The multi-layered songwriting is really strong so that the mostly (very) fast paced songs refuse to become boring anyhow and that's always good, and also the technical skills of the muscians are way up high. If you like your Crustcore in between WOLFPACK respectively WOLFBRIGADE and DISFEAR you have to check out LIVSTID (even they aren't that metallic anyway) as well, you will like if not love them for sure, and a very own identity they have also to offer for us. They sing in their mother tongue so I can't tell ya something with weight about their lyrics, but what I can tell you is that the artwork as well as the production sound are just pure gold. Go and get this CD and enjoy it, really damn good stuff, period!!! Don't know if there are still physical copies (and where the hell) floating around but at the great "CRUST DEMOS" blog you can find an by the band authorized download link so at least look there ( to get it if you can't find it anywhere else. Damn good stuff and hopefully more of LIVSTID will come. (8 of 10 points)

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