Sonntag, 25. März 2012


Hey folks, currently working on the last questions and translations and then the first two interviews for over one full year will hopefully come to happen, after last year the only two interviews I was about to do never came to happen, the one with THE WRECKED ENGINES because the band broke up before and the one with DOS DIAS DE SANGRE because nothing from the band ever came back until this present very day, sad enough. No I'm working with the finishing touch on the interviews next up and I hope they will work out and if so you can be curious about interviews with the two great bands SUFFER THE PAIN from Sweden and SHADE OF MANKIND from Brazil (the current releases of both bands I've reviewed recently up here), I'll keep you informed about it. Now for today just a ''Videos'' posting for you to close this day, week and weekend and to welcome the next and new day and week and now you get the cool clip of the smasher "WALL OF ANGER" by the Golsar Hardcore silverbacks of DEATH WILL SCORE, a band that was born out of the ashes of the almighty DOGMA IVS but also a band that never made it through due to certain ''real life'' circumsatnces back then in the days, sad anyway, but that is also today finally at least and first and foremost for the fun of it back on track and will start it all up again this year, for all what I was told, yes, and that's just great!!! So for now just enjoy the song and clip and then more in general again soon and for tonight I wish you all a good night and then sleep well. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!


DEATH WILL SCORE back in the days live on stage with your good boy good old Manslaughter Andy
in front of the stage on the left quite a few if now not truly many years ago.

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