Montag, 2. April 2012

WOLF DOWN - "MMXI" (Metallic Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore from Germoney, released in 2011 + Download-Link)

("Catalyst Records" & "Start A Fire Records"; 7'' + "D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
I've read an interview with this band in the current "PLASTIC BOMB" Fanzine issue and got really excited and curious about this band after they already caught my attention due to their cool bandname, and so I visited their Bandcamp site and got the free offical MP3-Download offered by the band themselves up there and for all what I know then this here was primarly an 7'' release on the labels "CATALYST RECORDS" and "START A FIRE RECORDS" released originally back then in 2011 but this 7'' I don't know and don't own and I also don't know if there are still copies of it floating somewhere around or if not and if so this MP3-Download for free is the only way to enjoy this album anyhow anyway today. Because of their bandname I was expecting some (metallic) Crustcore assault (you know WOLFPACK/WOLFBRIGADE and so with WOLF DOWN or ''WOLF x DOWN''... yes, yes, yes, I know, by way far too too simple thought by me, haha ;-) ...) but what I could read in the interview was pointing me in another direction and this direction was plain and simple: Hardcore, period!!! And this was in no way not even at least as good as Crustcore would have been at all. But what we get here is no way ''just'' Hardcore and even more in ''no way'' any sort of Metalcore and also this is in absolutely no way your today's stereotypical 2Step/Beatdown ''Hardcore'' stuff for overly tattooed and strongly pierced white trash smalltown ''toughguy rebels'' that think being/acting Gangsta Rap and listening to cheap Death Metal would be now-a-days Hardcore or so, nah, this here is sinister and intense, heavy moshing and grim thrashing, dark and atmospheric, metallic and also with a Holy Terror styled influence coming Hardcore with a strong critical and political Straight xxx Edge and Vegan approach. Delivered by a female vocalist with a incredible charismatic damn aggressive and brutal screamed shouting lead singing style and voice and broad and thick massive and violent guitar work that's fucking intense and that holds a lot of suprises for us in store as well, smashing through your speakers over forceful butal pouding bass playing and devastating massive stunning drum work. Great!!! Throw ALL OUT WAR, ARKANGEL, INTEGRITY, FEAR TOMORROW, EARTH CRISIS, UNIT 731, TRAPPED UNDER ICE and some very few HATEBREED as well into the mix and what comes out you have to mix up with a strong own identity and already an pretty unique approach and then you should have for the start of this a already pretty good imagination of what WOLF DOWN are doing here. Should be also damn interesing and totally the right stuff for fans of great ''young'' acts like REBORN TO CONQUER and THE PLATOON, too. The musicians are all pretty skilled for sure and the songwriting is also already really good even I would really love to hear and see them kicking off the pace quite a bit faster from time to time, but anyhow, a great relase already by WOLF DOWN. Nice (cover-) artwork, really good and interesting lyrics (not your ordinary SxE stuff) and a perfect full power and yet still dirty production sound of top it all. I'm curious looking out for more of them to finally come and I highly recommend this great four track album to you all. Great!!! (9 of 10 points)
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