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SUFFER THE PAIN (Blackened metallic Crustcore from Sverige) - Inteview March/April 2012

Hey dear readers, like announced now here it is finally, the first interview up here on "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE" on Blogspot since November 2010 and the announced one with the outstanding great swedish Crust/Metal band of SUFFER THE PAIN. Like I've said, I've done since late 2010 no interview(s) anymore up here. And, to be honest, only a few times in 2011 I've thought about doing interviews again. Due to several reasons, first and foremost because 2011 was a total forget about year in my life, black as a hole and I would wish I could erase the very most parts of it forever out of my memory and even better out of my complete life, hm, but okay, after this isn't really possible anyhow and the slogan that goes like "What's done is done!" is a slogan we all have to live up to I've done and still do my best to get over it with working hard and so it's also time to make out of this very blog here more than just a review-blog again; and second I've done no interviews for such a long time simply because I didn't know with what bands. I've thought about doing an interview with the young American Oi! band from NYC of the name of COMBATE 49 but due to my confusion last year I failed to work one out, shame on me, and then I'd planned to do interviews with THE WRECKED ENGINES that unfortunately split up before the interview could come to happen and also with 2 DIAS DE SANGRE I wanted desperately to do one but the guys never got back to me in this case and I don't wanted to "stalk" them until they would finally do so, if you know what I mean. So, yes, now back on track again and also with a ''special'' one, hell yeahr, with an interview with the great SUFFER THE PAIN from Sverige, a band that took me by storm this very year and I'm very happy and proud that I can present them to all of you and maybe help them on their way with giving them some air and room for some good old self-''presentation''. A great band, also a very authentic and sympathic one  and the guys show and proof a lot of a very good taste in msic(k) and politics and if someone names the almighty NAPALM DEATH as the most important influence in his musical socialisation you can't go rong anyhow, yes, and so enough of the introduction words up here and now, and so here we go, SUFFER THE PAIN, check them out and now the word is up to them and a very big "THANX!!!" goes out to the guys here and now!!! Cheers!!!
Blackened Metallic Sverige Crustcore
01.) Okay folks, first up let me say Sorry to you that it took me so long to finally get the interview settled together and on its way to you, sucked, but sometimes ‘’real life issues’’ are fucking the original plans up L . Then let me say Congratulation to you, for being the first new interview send off by me since fall 2010, could mean a lot J . And then let me say maybe last but not least Thanks to you for doing this interview, great!!! Okay, now onward into the things to come, first please introduce yourself to us, the readers and me, so that we can draw ourselves a picture of whom we are dealing here, so who’s in the band, who’s doing what inside the band, life, work, hobbies, family, interests, etc. pp. beside the band, all what you think could help to draw the mentioned picture and what is of public interest and what you want to be presented to the public. So, yes: Words up to you, let’s go J !!!
No worries, just big thanks to you for wanting to do this interview! Well cheers for that! Its me (Stefan) and Johan in the band right now, we are looking for more bandmembers so we can start to do shows after this summer. I (Stefan) do vocals, guitars and bass. I work as a gravedigger and my hobbies are music and drinking. Johan play drums and some vocals. He works as a printer (T-shirts and other stuff) and his hobbies are also music and drinking I think. We also plays in other bands, Johan sings in a punk band called SLAKTRENS and I play guitar in a punk band called PRINS CARL. And some years ago we played togehter in a Grindcore band called FROMTHEASHES, we did some shows around Germany and other places in Europe.
02.) Next one, a little question to or about your name: SUFFER THE PAIN – What it is all about, is their some sort of a deeper meaning behind it or something like that and why did you choose this name when starting the band. I ask because it’s a in this combination of the words a not so common name for a band and so I got curious about it.
Johan and I had suffer all our lifes and had always felt pain all around us... no I just tried to come up with a stupid name and there's no meaning with the name at all. But now I'm really starting to like the name and don´t want any other name for the band.

03.) For all what I know or think to know you are a pretty young band and you had been totally unknown to me before I listened to your “THE DEATH” release this very year and so I can’t spare you the question about the history of your band so far, so tell us the whole story behind the scenes from back to now, right from the very first beginnings up to the present day.
Yes the band is a really "young" band, we started to do guitar riffs and lyrics in the end of 2011 and asked Johan if he wanted to play the drums for this band and from the start the plan was to only record stuff and nothing else, but now we have decided to make it a "real" band and to start doing shows after the summer like I said before. So to this day we have recorded the cassette "THE DEATH" and just started to make some plans for the future.
04.) Beside the band, since when do you play your instruments, write lyrics, etc. pp. and when you got attracted by the idea of creating something of your own by founding and running a own band? And are there any other current bands of you?
Well both Johan and I have played our instruments since we were young. I played in my first band when I was 11-12 years old I think. The first band Johan and I played together in was a band called GODLESS (some years before FROMTHEASHES) and I think we both were around 17-18 years old then, we are now both 28 years old. We have played in other bands but no need to tell about them, no one have heard about them so.
05.) SUFFER THE PAIN respectively you with/as this band play a very hard, heavy and massive type of music somewhere between Crustcore and Death/Black Metal. With what kinds of music and with what bands and records you starting moving into the camp of extreme underground musick and had there been any ‘’road marks’’ when founding SUFFER THE PAIN?
The idea with SUFFER THE PAIN was to just have fun and no big plan at all. Make some Metal/Punk riffs and some lyrics and just let what ever happened when we try to play the songs together. Well the start for me with more extreme music was bands like DISSECTION, old-DIMMU BORGIR, DISMEMBER, old-IN FLAMES, old-AMORPHIS and more. When I first got to know Johan in school he was more into Punk (MOB 47 and stuff like that) and I more into Metal. But after a show we went to with NAPALM DEATH we decided to start the band FROMTHEASHES. So I guess NAPALM DEATH is one of the most important band for us.
06.) I said/wrote that you are slightly to compare with the almighty WOLFPACK and especially their legendary “A NEW DAWN FADES” debut from back then in the 1990’s. What do you think of it, can you maybe somehow agree on it? And beside this, what is your opinion about the current swedish Crust-/Hardcore scenery on the one hand and the in Sweden always healthy and big Metal scene, especially when it’s about Death and Black Metal and on which bands we should have an eye? Beside this, are there any mentionable links between the Crust-/Hardcore scene and the (Death/Black) Metal underground in Sweden or are you with your blending of both styles a rarity? And do you feel or are you a part of it and liked to be seen in both scenes or how do we have to imagine it?
To compare us with other bands I leave up to other people, always hard I think to do with your own music. We have some great bands in Sweden and some bands I think you should look up is: BOMBS OF HADES, STICK & BRINN, ANGERS CURSE, MENTALLY AXED, KVOTERINGEN, USURPRESS, TVÄRNITAD, ÅTERFALL, SPLITTER, THE ARSON PROJECT, MISANTROPIC... the list could just go on and on. And of course you have to check out our other bands SLATRENS and PRINS CARL. Well I think there is a lot of people mixing a lot of styles in their music so no I dont think we are a rarity. I think more and more people dont really care about what you call the music, if the music is good I will listen to it. I hope all kind of people want to buy our tapes and go to our shows, don`t care if you are a Metalhead, a Punk or what ever.
07.) From Sweden always used to come and still come quite a big bunch of impressing bands, just to name the ‘’biggies’’ like WOLFPACK/WOLFBRIGADE, SKIT SYSTEM, DISFEAR, DRILLER KILLER, ANTI-CIMEX, MOB 47 and TOTALITÄR on the one hand, and DISMEMBER, UNLEASHED, ENTOMBED, EDGE OF SANITY, NIHILIST, TIAMAT, HYPOCRISY and MARDUK, DISSECTION and NIFELHEIM on the other hand, just to name a few and just the ‘’big ones’’. Not talking about the very famous Melodic “Death” Metal bands like IN FLAMES and others of the sort of this. What are your favorites and do you enjoy the mentioned so called Melodic “Death” Metal stuff as well, the Metal music for that Death Metal and Metal in general from Sweden became very famous for in the 1990’s? Hm, and by looking on some of the bands, what are your thoughts about music and politics?
I dont really like the new melodic Metal, but a band like IN FLAMES made some really good stuff in the beginning... but then they totally lost it! My favorites of those bands are DISSECTION, DISMEMBER, DISFEAR and SKIT SYSTEM. My thoughts about music is like I said before, if it's good, it's good. I listen to a lot of different music. And politics, well, be kind to the world and all living things in it, stop war and fuck all the fascist bastards!
08.) Your music is very fast paced, aggressive, brutal and harsh, yet pretty melodic and damn atmospheric, thanks to the very present and marking and pretty Black metal styled guitar lead playing. And especially the guitar work is pretty metallic, at least I do think so. And I also think that your guitar sound and style is very unique and a pretty thing of your own, and that’s always great. Same view on it? If not, correct me now J . How do you write songs and in the process of the songwriting who is doing what?
Well now its the same as before, have a hard time talking and explaining my own guitar style. Well what you said sounded good so all I can say is thanks I guess. I make some riffs at home and then show Johan and we make it work together. He is a great drummer and comes with great ideas how to make a song work. So that's it I guess.
09.) These days you’ve released your first release titled “THE DEATH”, at first via a for free download and since a few weeks the to 100 copies limited official Tape version is out. How did this way came to happen, with releasing it first as a free download and then after this as a official physical copy version? Ah, and the Tape comes via “KRIG TEJPS”, is this a label and can we look forward to new stuff of you being released via this label some day soon or so? And the songs had been recently recorded during January 2012, so they are released now pretty early/quick so how about some already new stuff of you? I hope it will come very soon!!!
Well, yes "THE DEATH" is our first release and "KRIG TEJPS" we made up our selfs and all of our cassette will be released under that name. Well took some time to get the tapes from were they were "made" and I wanted to get the music out as soon as possible so I got it out on the internet as fast as I could. And our music is free if you want mp3, dont really like to sell mp3 songs. We are going to record new stuff in May, will be a new cassette and a split 7" with BOMBS OF HADES (are in the talking stage of that plan, but hopefully). And if someone want to release "THE DEATH" on 7" vinyl, get in contact! !!!
10.) “THE DEATH” features five songs in total, and after the lyrics aren’t featured we may go song for song through it, so here we go, starting with the opener “NINTH CIRCLE OF HELL”. A very sinister track with an intense atmosphere kicks of right after a short diabolical intro. The most “black” track if you ask me, and a great one. Who came up with it? It seems very complete to me with all single elements of it grapping into one and another, ‘’tight songwriting’’ or so, if you know what I mean. Great! What about the lyrics, what do you deal with, any anti-christian/satanic/occult message or meaning to it?
Well all the riffs just happend when I sat home and played and then we put it all together, me and Johan. Both Johan and I write the lyrics. Well ok... "NINTH CIRCLE OF HELL" is about hell attacking the humans and killing them all.
11.) Next up is the title track “THE DEATH”, a very crusty thrashing metallic Core slasher with a no prisoners taking pace and rhythm to it, heavily marked by the massive rhythm section and especially the pounding drumming as well as morbid riffing and lead playing, not to forget about the impressive vocals. Great!!! What is this song all about, muisc-wise and lyric-wise? A deeper message behind it with being the title track?
Thanks! But no deep meaning. "THE DEATH" is just about a corpse rotting away in his grave.
12.) Next one your bandhymn J or so, “SUFFER THE PAIN” itself, a very outstanding and aggressive song with a sick lead melody/line to it and truly über-aggressive and damn fucking bloody evil. Great!!! Is it meant to be your bandhymn or so and how did the title of it came to be and with what topics do you deal with in this song? Tell us the story of and behind this song.
Thanks! Well just tought we should have a song with the same as the band name is and SUFFER THE PAIN is about a man tortureing and killing a girl.
13.) Then comes a cover version or so of a guy named ROKY ERICKSON with the impressive fist in the air sing a long to smasher “BLOODY HAMMER”. A great song!!! Or at least the version you made out of it J . What is there to tell about the song, who’s this ROKY ERICKSON and why did you chhose to make this song your own? Ah, and to the lyrics: Who or what is this “BLOODY HAMMER”?
"BLOODY HAMMER" is made by ROKY ERICKSON (like you said) so I dont really know so much about the song, he got some very special lyrics. But I really like a lot of ROKY ERICKSON songs and thought "BLOODY HAMMER" could be really cool to do. If you havent heard ROKY, check him out!
14.) Final track is coming on, “BARBARIAN”. Fast raging head banging madness with a interesting title. What is it all about when we look at the lyrics?
Cheers for all the nice words dude! "BARBARIAN" is about that the world is a fucked up place and that no god will ever help you.
15.) When I look at your bandname, SUFFER THE PAIN, the title of your album, “THE DEATH”, and the torture and dying scene showcasing black/white artwork and maybe also thinking about what you may could sing about I ask myself if there is maybe some sort of a concept behind this release of you? Total wrong impression of a damn nerd or something to truly think about J ?
Well horror, death, gore lyrics or what ever you should call it are fun to write so we decided that we would write those kind of lyrics for SUFFER THE PAIN and then of course the whole concept should be like that for this band we tought.
16.) How will it go on with SUFFER THE PAIN? Any plans, new material or any drastic musical developments to tell us about already now?
Well, like I've said before we have some releases planned and hopefully get a whole band together and start to do shows. And no, their will not be any musical developments. Just make more songs in the same style.
17.) Do you often play live and what would it take to bring you to us here in Germany some day soon?
Well when we get a whole band together and are ready to do shows it would be awesome to come to Germany and play some day! If someone wanna book a tour just get in contact and we will sort it out for sure!
18.) Okay, coming to the close of this interview, tell us finally what are five records you would take with you if you are condemned to live on a lonesome island somewhere in the middle of nowhere and what are current releases that made/make you go nuts?
I would take:
5. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - some greatest hits album

Im looking forward to the new MUNICIPAL WASTE Album.

Johan wanted to answer this one too:

5. Home made THÂSTRÖM greatest hits collection

19.) That’s it guys, you made it through J ! Once again a big thanks for doing the interview and now the famous final words remain to you. Cheers guys!!!

First of all, thanks for this interview! And buy/download our stuff and get in contact with what ever! Check out our new page Cheers / Stefan

So, yes, that was/is the first interview since over an year and the one with the great SUFFER THE PAIN, and also again a very gig thanks to the guys for answering it so quick and you've made out of it a really interesting read, so, yes, THANKS for your time and effort and kep in touch guys!!! Cheers!!!

(PS: Blogger fucking SUCKS and is ticking me off with the ongoing refusal to display all this here in a proper way and how it's settld together during the writing and posting process, so fuck it, enough, I'm tired, I hope you can read it all and that the few pictures pop up as well, fuck off Blogger/Blogspot, point and fact!!! - Update: I've tried to overwork the- let us call it...- ''lay-out'' of the interview as far as the functions and their workability let me do it... Don't know what's going on with Blogger but it still refuses to do what I tell it and what I want to it... Ahrg!!!)


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