Donnerstag, 19. April 2012


("Aggressive Zone Produktionen"; CD):
Finally it's really about time for a good healthy dose of Oi! Oi! Oi! and/or Skinhead Rock (& Roll) music and to act this part up here now is up to OPEN VIOLENCE, the follow up band of KAMPFZONE (more or less all the former KAMPFZONE members without their former singer who became a oh so tough and proud nationalistic aryan warrior for the benefit of the german nation and the white race... what a clown Punch!!!). I've already reviewed their debut CD EP some months ago and so I will spare me every word more about the history and the members of OPEN VIOLENCE and everyone (no matter if left or right) who thinks this would be a NS/WP Fascist Rock band is a stupid nutjob who really needs a brain- as well as a reality check. So okay, anyhow, back to the topic. Even German Skinhead Rock & Roll isn't normally my stuff in general also back then their debut CD EP convinced me and pleased my gusto and with this their full length debut they did it again and even quite a bit better again already. This is pure and true, hard hitting, sharp sawing and angry rebellious shredding old school german Skinhead Rock & Roll cultivated with a strong and massiv Punkrock flair and born and bred with a strong and authentic, as well as nicely sympathic and inconvient 1980's spirit, but all very fresh and in no way dull retro styled stuff, and that's always good, so thumbs up for that. Sharp guitar playing (sticks really out and is pretty unique, great), pounding haevy bass, hard stomping drums, brutal yet smart lead vocals, full back up chants, fast stomping and always straight ahead, good pace and rhyhm work, skilled musicians and songwriters at work, without a doubt. You like BOOTS & BRACES as well as KAMPFZONE and LAST RIOT, not to forget about ENDSTUFE, STÖRSUFE, old LOIKAEMIE, the HALUNKEN (anyone remembers this great german Oi! band?!?), some old 4 PROMILLE, some very few PÖBEL & GESOCKS, and some german and english 1980's Oi! Oi! Oi! classics then you will also like OPEN VIOLENCE. Nothing fancy and no saying sorry farce bullshit Skinhead Oi! Rock, just pure impact and honest protest straight out of the exploited and bitter and angry working class (or what's left of it over here in Germany). Thumbs up!!! Not for the weak hearted!!! Perfect!!! Maybe nothing special or so, but anyhow something damn good, for sure!!! Great Way of Life and Protest lyrics on top of it, then a good dirty and earthy production sound, and a great old school artwork make it all to a round and complete package, and I think on vinyl as a 12'' LP it's also released. Good stuff, check it out!!! And, btw, I really love "MEIN AUFSTAND", period!!! Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)
(Sorry, don't ask me why but I've found no homepage or what so ever of OPEN VIOLENCE and so you just have to stick with this review and my words and recommendations.)


  1. Kampzone is my favourite German band together with Endstufe and Störkraft (yeah i said it! haha). Didnt like the later albums by them but this new band reminds me about how they sounded back in the Made in Germany days.
    Top fucking album!!

  2. Those who trash Störkraft because of the politics have all right to it but atleast give songs like "Terror", "Kampfhund" and "Bier, Wein, Weiber und Gesang" a chance. The German answer to Britains Brutal attack if you ask me.

  3. Yes, a really good album, no doubt. But Störkraft, nah, I mean, the whole politics aside, but honestly I think that they never could anyhow match up to Brutal Attack in which way ever, hehe:-)!!!
    - Manslaughter Andy