Samstag, 21. April 2012

GLOOMSTER -"RANDKULTUR" (German Hardcore Punk released the D.I.Y. way in 2011 + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Oay, this is a ''just'' thru and thru online release and it's still the current one of this german band that I didn't know before reading reviews of this record in several zines. The album comes as a complete MP3-Download album with the complete great artwork and so all on and the link will then close this review here. Okay, what are GLOOMSTER all about?!? Short and simple: Hardcore Punk, point and fact!!! 13 songs in 31 minutes at all of left wing political Hardcore Punk. They play a very angry and bitter, aggressive and pissed off, damn brutal and sheer hard and heavy guitar dominated forceful style of pushing and rampage going slightly metallic (especially the guitar work, listen to the blackened Death metal influenced riffing of for example "KAROSHI" and "STOCK IM ARSCH" or several leads and solos like for example in "VIRUS") Hardcore Punk that is strongly marked by the harsh and aggressive raging sawing and shredding guitars and the brutal and grumpy throaty shouted aggressive, pissed off and mean lead vocals, then the pretty massive and damn tight rhythm section is backing it all up in a very beefy and bulky way, while the clever timed and placed gang back up chants make it even more powerful, while the sometimes used second lead vocal voive is utter garbage, your typical wasted on a drink blatant and dull dumb German Punk ''singing'' stuff, but okay, anyhow, if a band like RAWSIDE is up high on your list you shouldn't think twice but just get this album by GLOOMSTER, and trust me, these guys won't dissapoint you. Personally I miss more diversity and consequence and also something more fresh because even it's all good done and is really a massive bomb aimed at society it's over the complete distance not that grapping at all because it's here and there something that I've listen to already too much before, if you know what I want to say and mean with this words, and they could vary their songwriting at least from time to time here and there a little bit, that wouldn't hurt anybody or anything. But anyhow back then when I was 14 to 17/18 years old this style of music was one of my personal favorites and still today I do appreciate it all quite a bit. The lyrics are left wing stuff, no problems with this even the typical crap especially of german left wing bands is laso here clear to see, sadly enough, all pretty radical and aggressive and damn pissed off and the guys in the band know not only exactly where they stand but they know also all about truth and reality... at least they do think so... and sing against everyone and everything not totally on the same page as them... ''with us or against us'' is the order of the day... choose your side and this side should be best their side and everyone refusing to do s and join the ranks of this elf proclaimed ''political'' games is a fencesitting idiot and dumb unpolitical asshole with no meaning at all and oh so damn wrong and infected by aoh so sick and silly "VIRUS"... pseudo-elitists bastards that think they are the ''left'' avantgarde and totally in the right with verything... anyway with a lot of what they say they aren't at least that wrong at all and the rest as well as the attitude of them you don't need to care that much after all, at least if you ask me. Okay, then the artwork is a great one and the production sound is pretty good but could use truly more power and heavyness at the end of the day. Give it a try if you are interested in it and fans of RAWSIDE styled Hardcore Punk will love this band and album, I'm pretty sure about this somehow. Nothing great or ''special'' or something like this but good stuff for sure. Ah, and we get also with "STAATSGEWALT" a cover of the VERSAUTE(n) STIEFKINDER. At the end of the day, this is a honest and brutal up to date left ''Hate Musick Album'' out of the Hardcore Punk genre coming from Gemany by GLOOMSTER, like it or not, and good for sure, period. (7 of 10 points)


  1. Danke für das lange und ausführliche Review.
    Aber warum schreibst du alles in englisch?:-)
    Gruß der Gloomster Drummer

  2. Hey!!! Man, man, man, bin ich langsam wenn es darum geht nach Kommentaren zu schauen und auf diese zu antworten, fett sorry. So, zum Thema: Kein Ding dafür, bin schon sehr auf was Neues von euch gespannt!!!:D Englisch? Warum? Weil wegen Internet und so halt, da kann und soll ja quasi von mir aus sehr gerne "die ganze Welt" lesen, nun ja, und da es ja glücklicherweise weder im ersten, noch im zweiten Anlauf damit gekappt hat Deutsch als Welt- und "Führungs"sprache zu etablieren ist da dankenswerterweise Englisch doch zielführender. Mein Fanzine habe ich damals noch auf Deutsch gemacht, bei dem Blog jetzt hier fand ich das wenig bis gar nicht zielführend. Dazu kommt, dass von Beginn an der Großteil meiner Leser aus den U.S.A., Kanada, Australien, Neuseeland, England und Co. kam und immer noch kommt. PS: Übrigens einen schicken Blog hast'e da am Start. Werde ich demnächst mal meiner Blogliste hinzufügen. Beste Grüße!!!