Montag, 9. April 2012

NONE OF THE LIVING REMAIN - "GRIM TO THE BRIM" (Horror themed Crustcore from SoCal, released the D.I.Y. way in 2012 + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
This Southern California/SoCal based band of the name of NONE OF THE LIVING REMAIN used to arise back then in 2009 and these days they released all in the D.I.Y. way of doing such things their for what I think to know first proper debut full length album titled "GRIM TO THE BRIM" and this album offers fourteen songs in about thirtysix minutes and is released as a free and by the band itself authorized and done official MP3-Download at the Bandcamp site of the band and as usual you will get the link up here as well at the end of the review. NONE OF THE LIVING are a band that shows us not only already a huge potential, but they are also a band that live totally up to the fullfillment of the potential and its realization, a great band to say it short and precise. They are a very heavy and furious raging Crustcore band with a very sinsiter and morbid sound and style, sick and ''splatter-esque'' like fuck, dealing in their cool lyrics with Horror and Gore topics and they underline this with their very hard and heavy and damn brutal kind and style of music and their certain way of playing this music. Totally brutal and ''deep throated'' grunted and shouted lead vocals, a violent and disturbing, aggressive and dark blasting and sawing shredding heavy guitar work that offers beside intense riffing also sinister and sick leads and twisted melody lines, an evil buzzing and forceful rumbling harsh bass at work and mercyless and massive storming forceful D-Beat styled ''crusty'' drums are the elements of this sick bastard music, all cultivate with metallic heavyness and a great intense and also pretty atmospheric songwriting that offers also a lot of cool suprises, grapping twists and turns in the pace and structure of the songs, and great totally devastating and everything crushing ''groovy'' mid pace to low pace parts and beats, all done very interesting and grapping over the complete distance and made round by nice fitting movie samples used often and this as intros of the songs. Crustcore and D-Beat melted together with Death Metal and Black Metal, mostly the old school but never the retro way and that's just even more great. Combine AMEBIX with NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR, some DISGUST and  TRAGEDY as well as some good heathy doses of WOLFPACK/WOLFBRIGADE and round it up with OBITUARY and BOLT THROWER as well as DARKTHRONE (and NONE OF THE LIVING REMAIN do also a great cover version of the infernal DARKTHRONE classic "TRANSILVANIAN HUNGER" that I like even more than the already classical original song by DARKTHRONE). Cool Horror lyrics and stuff like this on top of it, great artwork and production sound, hm, so how and why could or should a Crust maniac even search on for great bands if he/she could now just get one hell of a great slasher album out of this genre for free via downloading it?!? So better just get this album here and now, great shit!!! And hopefully a proper physical release will follow soon. Cheers!!! (9 of 10 points)
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NONE OF THE LIVING REMAIN - Bandpicture, taken live on stage

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