Sonntag, 8. April 2012

STALKER - "SPIT ROCK'N'GIRL" (Riot Rock & Roll from Goslar Rock City, released in 2011 the D.I.Y. way)

("D.I.Y."; CD):
Oh damn it, released last year in May or so and bought at one of their very first release concerts for this album, and this definitely back then in the May of 2011, and always wanted to review it but never managed to do so anyway, hm, and again shame on me, but now things are going better again, finally, and so all the not/un-finished work can be done one after another and so now finally the review of this albums gets written down and comes up posted online here to read, and so also the very review of this very album. STALKER are a great band from Goslar City, my hood, my hometown, or so you can say, the guys in the band are great folks and damn good known and the best greetings to them.They formed in, puh, anyhow quite a few years ago, released their pretty cool "SPITROCK" demo, played a bunch of very strong concerts... and then disappeared into oblivion, their former singer moved away and left the band, their new singer (notable change, from a grumpy male to a skilled female singer) and after this they only played a very few concerts and away they had been from the scenery for quite a while. Never heard of them for a long while, wondered what they would be doing all over the time... they worked hard and harder, they written incredible strong songs and formed a character and sound nearly totally of/by their very own, worked on their performance when playing their songs and came back with coming off big, playing and totally ruling a bunch of great concerts, made clear that they are back and recorded and released a damn great album... this here. "SPIT ROCK'N'GIRL" is the title of their record and also a prefect description of their music as well. From dirty and alcohol fueled nicotine injected loud and pretty heavy and gladly through and through cliché-free (Hard-) Rock & Roll music to fast raging noisy Streetrock'n'Roll tunes we get it all, all cultivated with powerful Country impressions, a good healthy Punkrock feeling to it, good portioned  Metal impressions especially when it is about the stand-alone guitar work, and great Sing-A-Long moments, the perfect soundtrack to start a Rock & Roll Outlaw Amok Run. Diverse and high skilled multi-layered guitar work that's really outshining everything else, great charismatic and emotion- and expressionfull lead vocals that sound like AMY WINEHOUSE on Punk, a incredible strong and tight and heavy buzzing and shredding bass work, great nicely varying and damn tight drumming, and fat and broad back up singing chants, done by awesome high skilled musicians and via grapping and interesting, intense and amazing songwriting, and all with a unique character of ther very own, phenomenal, period. All done very stand-alone, unique and damn fucking awesome. Maybe mix up the rockin' and rollin' moments of ENTOMBED with GLUECIFER and the BACKYARD BABIES, melt it all together with SOCIAL DISTORTION and JOHNNY CASH, and then cultivate it with some good healthy portions of some very few rockin' POISON IDEA and some very, very, very few VOLBEAT, okay, yes, give then a big load of a very own identity to it as well as shining great female lead vocals, and then you maybe have a good description and idea of what STALKER are all about. The lyrics are all through and through great shit, totally crazy and absolutely weird completly over the top stuff, brilliant and great, then the artwork is a total over the top hit and some very uniqueand special with a lot of work and passion put into it, and the dirty and crispy, as well as heavy and clear production sound totally knocks and rules everything. Some songs of their "SPITROCK" demo they've redone and re-recorded here, just that you know it. "SPITROCK" was back then a good and nice demo, no doubt about it after all, but this here is by lightyears far better and one of my top ten albums of 2011, without a single doubt. Best songs in the bunch are "MAGGOTS FOOD", "SPEAK QUIET", "(M)ARSE ATTACKS", "MEAT YOU TO LUNCH", "DAMNED HOT FLAMES", "GHOSTRIDER", "SICK OF YOU", "SPITROCK" and "STALKING YOU", my personal favorites, so maybe check this ones out if you are doing a "try-the-album-listening-session'' and anyhow then now write to the band to get a copy of this album if you still don't own it by now. Also live STALKER are the real deal!!! Phenomenal shit, get it!!! Pure Rock & Roll Baby!!! Cheers!!! (10 of 10 points)

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