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VII BATALLÓN DE LA MUERTE - "EL LIBERTADOR" (Elitist Nationalist Black Metal from Argentina on "FRENTEUROPA RECORDS" in 2012)

("Frenteuropa Records"; CD):
Here's something pretty unknown to me. Got this album by a loose friend of mine and I have never heard of this band before as well as I am everything but familiar with the Black Metal scene in and from Argentina and also I have not a single clou what's the story behind the band name and who the fuck this "EL LIBERTADOR" was (I guess the old grumpy guy on the cover but this isn't bringing me further on) and what's the deal behind it. They sing in their mother tongue and so I am as well pretty much out of it. Can't tell ya that much, also the label is unknown to me and I really lack- to be honest- the motivation to start ''online stalking'' to bring light in this darkness because after all it's also not that important to me. What I know or think to know is that this is a pretty radical right wing affair and the band is everywhere announced as some elitist nationalist Black Metal. Not sure if behind it all there's even more going on, but the two ABSURD covers tell maybe already the complete story behind it, who knows... But anyhow, so much I don't know and also who cares about it, this is a music review and not a debate on politics. So okay, finally on to the music... First, WTF do have national anthems and military marches to do with Metal in general and what with Black metal in particular? Second, WTF does have Gothic and Medival music stuff to do with Metal in general and with Black Metal in particular? Third, WTF do have chorally lead vocals to do with Metal in general and what with Black Metal in particular? I don't know it... maybe nothing?!? Could be... I mean... but who am I to judge... Okay, beside this all the VII BATALLÓN DE LA MUERTE play a mid paced and very atmospheric, majestic and sinister, militaristic and apocalyptic type of Black Metal without the typical raging Frost Storms Black Metal is known for, but instead of this filled with loads of keyboards, samples, synth sounds, horns and wind players, they all are worked into the music and a lot of the songs are more sort of ambient sample tracks (like "ESTANDARTES DEL SOL", "LA DANZA DE LA MUERTE" and "LIEBARTE TUTEMET EX INFERIS", just as examples) or, like already said, military marches and national athems stuff ("INTRODUCCIÓN: HIMNO NACIONAL ARGENTINO" and "MARCHA DE SAN LORENZO"), and also folkish medival tracks like "LA TIERRA BLANCA" we do find on this one, as well as beside this mostly in heavy mid tempo to relaxed up tempo stomping by sawing guitars dominated and by clean ''choral'' lead vocals heavily marked Black Metal anthems even to me it all sounds by far more like Gothic (Metal) influenced ''doomish'' Death Metal, but anyhow. The vocals are strange but if you get used to it you discover a lot of skilled and charismatic potential they hold in store, as well as the sawing and shredding dirty but always damn atmospheric guitars known to convince. To the rhythm section there's just to say that the bass isn't really existing in here and the drums are totally standard Metal stuff and sometimes sound terrible like an computer drum. Then there are the two ABSURD covers namely "WERWOLF" and "ASHES TO ASHES", the band ABSURD is utter garbage in any way, music-wise as well as lyric-wise and far away from anything I would consider Black Metal and that all these NS Metal nutjobs celebrate them as ''messiahs'' says it all about this scenery of intellectual incestuous faggots. The cover versions are done pretty if not very close to the originals and the vocals are more screamed stuff and done in german and english. The songs are crap, also in the versions of the VII BATALLÓN DE LA MUERTE. Anyhow the mentioned ambient like and other weird tracks are dominating this album very much, don't ask me why, it's a pity because the tracks that are (let us call them) ''real'' songs or tracks have some momentum for sure and this momentum is being left for the dead all the time when the other mentioned ''wanna-be'' songs take once again the dominating lead on this album... so don't ask me why and how and about the mentioned domination on this very album here... and also don't ask me what shall be so elitist about this band and album at all... nationalistic (and maybe even far, far more...) for sure... but elitist... WTF?!? A very strange and weird record and band (or maybe sort of a project or so... don't know it... don't care about it), maybe just somehow comparable to the mentioned and covered ABSURD and other stuff like this but for sure better than the already pretty often mentioned nutjobs from Germany. Somehow... a somehow interesting album but don't expect anything like ''real'' Black Metal at all or also ''just'' Metal in general (as the leading foce on this album) after all from it... and just because this is more or less for sure a somehow interesting album don't make the mistake and think this is anything like a good album at the end of the day... Risk an ear if you become curious about it but recommend I can't it to you also letting this whole strange political nationalistic stuff beside... Great artwork and a good production sound we get here from this album as well as the strange other mentioned stuff, and to the lyrics I can't say that much. Don't know from where you maybe can get it... if you want it search for it... Nah, still don't know what to do with and think of it after all... maybe just to throw it away... or maybe keep it as a pretty charismatic obscurity?!? Hm, I think I maybe start to try it with the second option at least for a while... (4 of 10 points)

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