Mittwoch, 4. April 2012

*** SUFFER THE PAIN - New bandsite up on blogspot and the tape version is out on "KRIG TEJPS" these days and they are currently looking for a label to release it as a 7'' vinyl single ***

Hey folks, very good news I have up to announce here for you, the first interview up here since November 2010 is ready and will be up soon and it is as announced with the great SUFFER THE PAIN from Sverige and yes, it will be up very soon (maybe even already still today, but I currently think so latest tomorrow). Then also the official tape version of their great "THE DEATH" demo album is finally out on "KRIG TEJPS" and it is great and you should quick write the band to get it because yes, like I said, it's great and it is also strictly limited to just one hundred copies and my tape of it is already copy no. # thirty and so you better should be quick with buying and enjoying it. I've done already a review of the "THE DEATH" demo album back then when it was just released as a MP3-Download on the Bandcamp site of the band but I think in the next days or something so like this I will also do a proper review of the tape version as it is the first physical and first proper output by this great young band and also I discovered by and while listening to the tape over and over again much more than I already knew about or discovered already and so I think a review of the tape will follow also, too. It's more than justified!!! And also big THANX to the great guys in SUFFER THE PAIN for doing the interview and also for sending me a copy of their tape (including a cool button and a nice sticker of the band and their logo banner)!!! Btw, the next interview with SHADE OF MANKIND I have already also settled together, just read it over again to righten the wrongs and I will finally send it on its way. Back to the topic, that is SUFFER THE PAIN: They are currently looking for a label to release their "THE DEATH" album as a 7'' single on vinyl what would just be fantastic so any good Crustcore/Hardcore/D-Beat/Death (Black) (Thrash) Metal label get in contact with the band and give the sympathic guys a good, proper and fair deal and get this masterpiece out on vinyl what it deserves by any means. And to get in contact with the band is today even more easier than before, you even don't have to be registered to Facebook now-a-days anymore after they have also recently set up a Blogspot site these days and just visit them their and you can go their by clicking on and then just write them about your interest. So, that's it for now and for this post, more soon, thanks for your interest and time. Cheers!!!

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