Donnerstag, 8. März 2012

DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT - "HATRED FOR MANKIND" (Pure hatred on "PROSTHETIC RECORDS" released back then in 2010)

("Prosthetic Records"; CD):
This album was released back then in 2010 by the well-reputated and well-known extreme musick record label of "PROSTHETIC RECORDS" and I bought it by the summer of last year and wanted to review it since then but due to certain circumstances together with a lot of other releases I just come now to review it up here but after copies of this album should be still floating around out there I don't see any problems with reviewing it still yet today even it was already released primarly back then in 2010 two years ago from now on. DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT from out of the deepest dephts of the United Kingdom settled a totally devastating purulent and infectious musical vomit chunk full of hate, anger, wrath, disgust and pure negativity together and the ponging filth creeps out of the stereo speakers and floods every inch around with total disgust and sheer hatred. Heavy and pushing as well as damn punishing guitar work, ultra-evil bass playing, brutal drumming, pure aggressive screamed and grunted as well as brutal shouted lead vocals and dazingly disturbing spoken word passages and samples, energetic and multi-layered songwriting and very talented and skillful musicians here at work that throw Sludge Core, Crust Core, Grindcore, Death Metal, Black Metal, Noize as well as some Hardcore and some Trash Metal into the mix of a big bowl and mix it all through with dirt, filth, hate, aggression, brutality and negativity non stopp. It's a pretty unique and a damn stressful music and style that DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT create and play on this one here. If you like it really extreme then check them out, even they could cut their songs more and concentrate them far more on the strong and important moments and could shake it all up to make it more fascinating and grapping over the complete distance of the full length album. Nice (as far as this album can anyhow be ''nice'' after all) stuff anyway, with a great thick production sound as well as a good artwork and good lyrics. (7 of 10 points)

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