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HELLCHARGER - "PROMO DEMO 2011" (Blackened Crustcore from out of Moneterrey, Mexico released via "NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE" back then in 2011)

("Nuclear Nightmare"; Tape):
Okay, this one here is a total Underground release from out of Monterrey in Mexico of the Crustcore roughnecks of HELLCHARGER. The guys in HELLCHARGER play also in the bands DISFUTURE, HEADSHOT, PANDEMONIUM 666 and TREPONEM PAL and this is their Promo Demo of the year of 2011 originally released as a Tape and with an amount of around (?) or exactly (?) 66 copies via "NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE" and to be honest I have to say that I don't own one of the tapes (and I would bet that they are long out of stock) but instead of this a CD-R version of it with the (?) or at least an (?) artwork and a short band biography of HELLCHARGER that a friend of mine settled together for me and gave me some few months ago and so a more or less through and throgh unofficial affair but anyhow, after you can currently find a download link of this material up on the awesome "CRUST DEMOS" blog I don't care anyhow and I just felt the need to give you an review of it after now a days thanks to the guys of "CRUST DEMOS" ( - and here more exactly: everybody can enjoy this band and their songs and not only 66 lucky guys owoning one of the tapes or guys with enthusiasticly bootlegging (when it's about rare and extreme stuff like this) friends that are in love with pretty extreme musick and so here comes the review of HELLCHARGER and their "PROMO DEMO 2011" for you, here we go. HELLCHARGER were founded and formed just about a year ago in the February of 2011 by four guys down and over there in Mexico with a love for classical DISCHARGE D-Beat styled Crustcore and old school U.K. Hardcore Punk like G.B.H. as well as very old and early Black Metal like HELLHAMMER, VENOM and maybe the first releases of BATHORY as well as CELTIC FROST and a huge MOTÖRHEAD influence we can also recognize when listening to it, hm, and maybe somehow they also remind me a little bit of the new DARK THRONE the masters of ''Evil Rock'' and this I mean seriously in a through and through positive sense and way. They throw it all in the mix and create out of it their pretty own stuff and style and HELLCHARGER name their musick and style by themselves ''Morbid Black D-Beat'' and that's a pretty good description of it anyhow and here they give us in about thirteen minutes five songs with the titles "ANARCHY ROAD", "HELLCHARGER SQUAD", "INSULTER OF JESUS CHRIST" (a DAMNATION cover tune), "METALPUNK WARRIORS" and "POSTNUCLEAR PARTY" and the titels or names of the songs may give you all also a pretty good description of the topics they deal with in their (not in my package included) lyrics. The musick of HELLCHARGER  is packed up full with distortingly as well as distorted screaming sick and twisted sinister as well a wasted on a drink throaty lead vocals, brutal heavy distorted noisy and dirty shredding and aggressive and harsh sawing guitars, a thirsty and noisy rumbling bully of a bass in the back and fast raging stomping and thundering fast punk D-Beat styled drumming, and the stench of alcohol and the smell of blood you can get aware of every second of the thirteen minutes.They know what they do and what they have to do to get their thirsty and sick and aggressive job done and to write songs they can as well. With some more time on their side and some few ''upshakers'' in the structure of their songs they will get even better and better I think and so this promo demo that was done by them also very early in their existence of and as the band HELLCHARGER already holds a lot in store for us and promises even more. Damn good stuff, thumbs up for it. For Crusties, Hardcore Punks and Metalpunks this will be very interesting for a lot of good reasons and also the Metalheads that favorite hard and aggressive yet very dirty and thirsty music should really give this guys a good round and with this a fair chance. The recording respectively production sound is very raw and rough (like the msuic) but not too raw and too rough (again: like the music) and totally rules as well as the artwork rules, too. I highly recommend this to you, period, and I'm really looking forward for more of HELLCHARGER to come. Cheers!!! (8 of 10 points)

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