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("KB Records"; CD):
This is a new splitalbum by this two still pretty young german Oi! bands from Saxonia that comes for free and is announced as a Promo CD. We get one new track exclusively up here, the titel track named "UNTER SACHSENS FLAGGE" (to be translated as "UNDER THE FLAG OF SAXONIA" or something like this), as well as three tracks from both bands and I think that all these tracks were already released before on the latest full length albums of both bands but after this CD is out for free who cares in general and in particular I don't care after both albums are unknown to me. Btw, both bands are heavily attacked over here by the P.C. and AFA fractions and their legions of virtual warriors like "OIRE SZENE", just that you know about this bullshit. Okay, the CD kicks off with the colaboration track of the two bands (great fast paced sing a long party smasher) and then each band takes turn with every next upcoming song. Both bands play stomping Oi! Oi! Oi! music from Germany. Let's start with the MARTENS ARMY, the ''second band'' of Stöbi who also plays in GERBENOK. Hm, if I remember it correctly then he was at the cover of the last GERBENOK album to be seen as a Punkrocker styled THE EXPLOITED way with colored and mohawked hair and a leather jacket full of  studs and so on and now a days ''performing'' the through and through ''true'' and ''real'' Skinhead.... the german answer for Lars frederiksen and his OLD FIRM CASUALS or what... strange stuff... Anyway, I first listend to the MARTENS ARMY years ago when their "BOOTBOYS ON THE ROAD" (or something like this) titled debut respectively demo was fresh released and this demo was terrible and so I decided to not care about them anymore anyhow. But they developed quite a big bit and it all is far more tight and compact and consequent played down to the point, respect and thumbs up. The music is very strong by the golden 1990's of German Oi! music influenced Oi! Punk with loads of dry and dirty, heavy and angry  forward rockin' guitars, stomping bass playing and noisy and harsh rumbling drums, lout and totally wasted on a drink shouted vocals, some thirsty back ups, lots of sing a longs and if you like now a days very old and early LOIKAEMIE, mix it up with old and early and first BIERPATRIOTEN as well as some earyl and old 4 PROMILLE then you will like if not love the MARTENS ARMY that also give us some nice lyrics about Oi! and Skinhead, Bootboys and riots, drinking and smashing bars and people and about true love as well, and not to forget about the amazing intros that are samples of the cool "SCHOOL OF ROCK" movie and the brilliant and legendary "THE NAKED GUN II" movie. Today the MARTENS ARMY consist out of Stöbi and two other guys that play also in the BIERTRAS and so this split is maybe some sort of an ''organic affair'' or ''family affair'' and this is a good chance to come finally to the second featured band up here, the BIERTRAS. First: What a totally dumb bandname!!! After this the band is playing some pretty much up to date style of German Oi! that comes close to Streetcore music and is packed up full with hard rocking and heavy metallic impressions and is dominated by forceful and more or less pretty diverse and well-versed guitars , a harsh pounding rhythm section, dry shouted lead vocals (but the lead vocals are far too power- and expressionless) and some broad back up chants as well as some pretty nice sing a longs and lyrics about fake ass idiots, violence, drinking and wrecking other folks house parties. Mix up some TOXPACK with some KRAWALLBRÜDER and you know to where the journey goes, even the BIERTRAS yet already a good band are still far, far away from the standard and the quality of the two mentioned icons. If you're a fan of German Oi! Oi! Oi! music then and now I think this split CD that comes with a very good production sound and a nice artwork in a fat paper sheet without lyrics (but the lyrics you get when you listen to the bands and their songs) you shoud have anyway anyhow as soon as possible and as long as there are still copies of it floating around. All in all better get this split CD. (8 of 10 points)

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