Samstag, 24. März 2012

WARKRUSHER - "DEMO 2011" (Grinding Crust Apocalypse from in between San Diego, U.S.A. and Tijuana, Mexico)

("D.I.Y."; Demo):
First comes first: Great to have friends that stick up to their ears deep in the total underground of sick, brutal, aggressive and violent musick of the true extreme kind and so I got in a bunch with the yesterday or so reviewed HATROSS demo also this one here from a friend of mine some time ago. WARKRUSHER are a collab band of guys from the U.S.A. (from San Diego, exactly) and Mexico (from Tijuana, yes, yes, yes, ''caramba'' olé) and this here is their demo release from 2011 and it delivers seven songs in something about sixteen minutes or so and the musick they play is some truly really good shit full of aggression, brutality and violence, mad fucking raging chaos in its purest form set into music(k) or something like this you might can say. A highly destructive, chaotic, apocalyptic massacre between brutal blasting pissed off Grindcore and furious raging heavy Crustcore and thank the mighty Buddha for the fact that this here is no clean one million beats and riffs per minute hyper pace blast cyber noise Tech Grind/Brutal Death stuff, no, this is raw, sick, twisted, chaotic, unpolished, brutal, loud, noisy, extreme, rotten, rough and tough old school flavored Grind (less, but still much/a lot) meeting exactly such Crust (more) in a apocalyptic noise mayhem and a sheer violent raging and aggressive beating around angry and evil bastard, sick music for a sick world and extreme stuff for sure. Cracking and pounding, snarling and raging drums, brutal guttural grunted and sick screamed and shouted lead vocals, shredding and sawing devastating heavily distorted guitars and an sinister buzzing bass at work, brutal and chaotic (mostly) fast pace and structures of the songs, all done well-versed and also nicely diverse on the side of the writing of the songs and all done damn intense and grapping. Apocalyptic raw hell noise of an pretty impressive kind and true underground noise of the damn good if not already great sort. Extreme shit, so nothing for the ''clean-cuts'' out there, if you know what I want to say with this here and now. To the lyrics I can't say anything, the production sound is very raw (but yet not too raw) but/and pretty good and you will get used to it especially because the production sound perfectly suits the music more than well, and the artwork is great. If you like extreme and dirty raw musick then don't think twice and get this demo and if you have neither a friend on the extreme side of musick who gives you such stuff nor have good links to Mexico or the U.S.A. you can also find a by the band authorized download link for free on the awesome "CRUST DEMOS" blog ( and if you are interested in this stuff then at least there you should go to get it. I really want more, because WARKRUSHER rule, period!!! (9 of 10 points)


  1. thank you so much man! I just saw this even though it was posted a couple months ago, again thank you so much for your support, we keep in touch and we'll send you a demo :) cheers

    cyko ( W.K. guitar)

    1. Hey man, no problem!!! A great demo!!! I also got your E-Mail (will answer it soon ;-) !!!) and your other band or project is cool stuff!!! Will do a review of the two track demo as well in the near future up here. As long as this is okay for you? And yes man, send it :D !!! Keep in touch!!! Cheers man!!!