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("People Like You Records"; CD):
And here's another already a little bit older "PEOPLE LIKE YOU RECORDS" release, this time even from 2001. Again also this CD I got some months ago for a very low price and after for what I know it's still around out there to be bought by you I thought that a review of it won't hurt anybody anyhow. The band was totally unknown to me and don't ask me anything about them, just own and know about this album here. So, okay, enough of the small talk, first point: They steal in a ridiculius way the opening riff of the larger-than-life THERAPY? classic "NOWHERE" for their song "HIGH TIMES" what gives them no single point in my book (violating such a great riff and song like the original one)... but okay, that's just one for the record. We get some heavy and massive 'Balls-Out-!!!' Hard Rock/Rock-&-Roll music by these guys from somewhere in Scandinavia(?). Two fisted guitar work pumping a lot of heavy riffing as well as some nice leads and some cool solos up and out, all backed up by a massive beating and brutal cracking drum playing as well as some heavy nice snarling bass work, and all coming with some snotty and dirty typical Rock & Roll lead vocals. All done somehow metallic and pretty heavy, but also with a huge party spirit to it. The songwriting isn't really that grapping at all, too long guitar solo parts in nearly every song and also pretty much the same pace and rhythm structures of the songs (you get pretty good aware of it when you're listening to the drumming), and this whole oh so cool Party Rock & Roll feeling/spirit/attitude is also somehow annoying me, so that it is maybe not really a huge problem that the album is just something around twenty-one minutes long. But all isn't also that bad, because the vocals are mostly pretty good stuff and due to the metallic or Metal influences at least the level of heavyness and power is quite a good one so that the energy and force of the songs often helps to lift the standard of the listening-pleasuer quite a bit (or at least somehow a little bit) on a somehow solid level. If you can imagine a mixture out of MOTÖRHEAD, 1990's Scandinavian Gutter Rock & Roll (GLUECIFER, THE BACKYARD BABIES, THE HELLACOPTERS, etc. pp.), some angry and noisy American Redneck Punk'n'Roll (remember THE HOOKERS), and on top of it some Thrash Metal influences (like the german legends of SODOM bred it) then you know pretty good what MANTARAY-K.D. did here on this one. Best songs are definitely the three more unique and pretty fresh songs "SATURDAY NIGHT" (strong STATUS QUO impressions, how-ever this may came to happen, just listen to the guitar riffing and the stoic boogy'n'rockin'-and-rollin' rhythm of the song, and also the solo sounds great, to be located somewhere between Country and, right, STATUS QUO), "TEENAGE LOVE" (the opening riff reminds me pretty much of COCK SPARRERs "RUNNING RIOT", haha;-), while the rest displays again some pretty strange but also pretty cool STATUS QUO influences), and the incredible good Old School Thrash Metal anthem "NIGHTMARE" that sounds like SODOM could have done this song in their "BETTER OFF DEAD" period and just forgot to put in on the record, just great, and also some MOTÖRHEAD influences are again pretty present in this song. The other five songs sound pretty much quite the same or equal (if you know what I want to say) and are a little bit too much stereotypical Big Balls Rock & Roll clichè stuff of the most ridiculous kind and style, even songs like "MISS STRIPTEASE" or "X-GIRLFRIEND" do show us some good potential, without a single doubt. The lyrics are some childish and ridiculous bullshit crap, full of bitches, whores, and sluts, as well as alcohol (ab-)use, and doing drugs, so yes, all typical clichès (?) that you may expect from a title like "RED LIGHT DISTRICT" you will find here. Nothing special (hell no)- even not back then in the days when it was released- and maybe this is already all what there is to say to the music and the lyrics, but the production sound is damn great stuff, even the artwork looks a little bit strange nd childish (displaying striptease and porno women in some lesbian action dressed in devil doll clothes... no comment) after all and looks also really pretty cheap, but okay, anyhow;-). You maybe don't need to have it anyhow, trust me, even some very, very few songs rule (the three above mentioned ones) and some do at least showcase soe potential, hm, and that's it all for now. Don't know of any other releases of MANTARAY-K.D. and what they've done before or after releasing this one here, but it's also not such a huge lack in my knowledge when it comes to music. If you're heavily into this all (let us call it again) boozing Big Balls out Hard'n'Heavy metallic Party Rock & Roll from the gutters of Scandinavia (?)- ain't that a great music- and genre describtion or what;-)?!?- and you don't know this band and record then ya should maybe finally give it some sort of a fair try, hm, if not (which means if you're not heavily into the described music), nah, then don't waste your time on this one here there's far better stuff out there to listen to... (5 of 10 points)
(I was yesterday night damn fuckin' tired and the heavy head injury I incured Friday at work and resulted in a damn fuckin' strong and also annoying cerebral concussion did also their best that the review yesterday night resulted in the end in some 'strange writing' and in a too high rating of this record, so don't wonder why I worked it over a little bit this Sunday morning.)

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