Montag, 21. März 2011

The STRAY CATS live in 1981 @ the german WDR "Rockpalast" playing, performing their larger-than-life classic "STORM THE EMBASSY"

Hey folks, I'll keep it really short this time and here and now (even the band that's now coming would deserve a treatment much different than this, but there will some day coming more about them), I'm fucking tired and will now go to bed pretty soon, but now you get a great old live clip of one of my all-time-faves, the almighty STRAY CATS, playing one of my total favorites of them, their incredible larger-than-life classic anthem "STORM THE EMBASSY". Amazing and outstanding band and song, also with awesome lyrics (I will maybe do a special solely post on this topic in the future or maybe I will just add them soon the next days to this post here, time will tell, let yourself be suprised) and a very special spirit that's not so typical for Every-kind-of-Billy-music, but, hey, it was (/is) also a very special and gifted band (and also a great live version - just listen to the breathtaking guitar solo). And all of ya out there who know think "Rockabilly?!? WTF is going on with the good old Manslaughter?!?" - calm down, this all Billy stuff still isn't and will never become 'my music at all', but anyhow the STRAY CATS are just a brilliant and phenomenal and nearly everything else outshining band, I really love them (as well as also the solo works of BRIAN SETZER respectively THE BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA and also LEE ROCKER are damn great and brilliant stuff, no doubt about it), hell yeahr, and this song was played and performed live- really live, no playback crap- back then in 1981 at the so called "Rockpalast" (was and still is a german live Rock music show on the public german TV channel WDR), and yes, that's all, just enjoy it and then sleep well, dream even better and a good night to all of ya outta there. Read more soon!!! Cheers & Oi!


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