Mittwoch, 2. März 2011


Hey folks, next, second and last post for this very day (yehp, one bullet was left, haha;-)...), and again you get a 'nice' little video and this time it's some pretty heavy, hard, brutal and extreme stuff (musically and lyrically), Florida Death Metal by the amazing MALEVOLENT CREATION, and you now get the song "THEY BREED" taken from their legendary monster release "ETERNAL" (my totally favorite of them, and if ya ask me it's even better than their legendary "RETRIBUTION" and "THE TEN COMMANDMENTS" classicks), btw this is my favorite song of them on this one. Pretty controversial and maybe you'll find some sort of "Redneck" (I mean what is always expressed as this typical 'Redneck' stereotype clichè) mentality in it and I would bet that a lot of you guys really get shocked, pissed, and mad and angry because of one single word you'll find in the lyrics (and here damn clear out of the song), but (put the 'mad-making-word' aside) if ya take a look at the lyrics you have to admit they speak some sort of some damn and bitter truth and that they are really no racists in any way (...) they should have declared since back then in the late 1990's more than 'only' enough. And, btw, maybe just don't take it all that literally and think a little bit more than 'you' do it usually. So, yehp, I will spare me every word more about this topic. Hard, bitter, extreme, and totally non-P.C. stuff, for sure, but this time it's really also fucking authentic and real and true stuff, for sure, too, so anyway, because if ya can't live it, ha, then better leave it here and now!!! I can't wait to see them finally live on stage at the 21. of April of 2011 here in Goslar Rock City and I hope the mighty Buddha will do his best in making them play this classick anthem!!! One of the few Death Metal bands I still worship today, and I damn know why!!! "ALWAYS WANTING, ALWAYS TAKING WHAT WAS NEVER YOURS..." Stand-alone stuff!!! I love it!!! So now you get the lyrics, hell yeahr (what did ya expect...), and then you get the song respectively the video, just enjoy it!!! Pure solid gold!!! And that's all for now and now good night to all of you out there, sleep well!!! Cheers!!!

(taken from the "ETERNAL" full length album)

Born into this world of filth
A plague in every city
The real world in not so real
Filled with scum and lying thieves
Threats of pain, claiming lives
When we owe you nothing
Forced to live in fear forever
Still they breed

Always wanting, always taking
What was never yours
Someday you will feel the hate
That you gave to others

Filled with diseases
Still they breed

Hate towards you and your kind
Bad blood flows forever
My life is not complete
Until you've killed each others

Always wanting, always taking
What was never yours
Someday you will feel the Hate
You fucking niggers!


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