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("Katakomben Recordz" + "Rüpel Records" + "Eichelkäse Records"; 10''):
So here we have an already pretty old vinyl record of German Oi! Punk music. It was released back then in 2000 or 2001 by some weird labels that I've never heard anything else of, hm, but for what I would say it was also done with some help by the guys of the well-known german Oi! Punk record label "SCUMFUCK TRADITION". When it come to the bands then I think that it was the debut release for both bands (at least definitely for the ATOMSPIONE). So, I bought this one here back then in 2002 and thinking about the look on the face of my girlfriend with who I was together back then still makes me laugh, haha, that what happens when Metal-Chicas listen to some real Oi! Punk music (and the Punk we should write here in really big, big letters), haha;-). Anyway, maybe some of you missed this one here back then and if so you should hurry up because for what I've heard the last copies are about to be sold so it will soon be 'Sold Out!' and in case you see it and think about buying it or buying it not I will make you the decision in this case a lot more simple and easy. Side A is occupied by the ATOMSPIONE, hm,and I think they are or were a band based in the environment of PÖBEL & GESOCKS and RÜPELZ ROYAL, but I don't know it for sure anyhow, but with the mentioned bands you can describe them maybe pretty well. The ATOMSPIONE play here a quick paced and very, very 'punky' sort of typical German Oi! (Punk) music with a strong German Punk spirit in and a nice middle to late 1990's German Oi! feeling to it. Dirty and good pacing guitar work, nice stomping bass playing, tight and solid drumming, and strong and thirsty lead vocals, some loud back ups, and all delivered with a good rockin' note to it. Good stuff and really nice arranged songs with some pretty cool Sing-A-Long parts and some really anthemic character. Lyrically you don't get some retarded and pervert Porno singing (like you can get the impression if ya watch the pictures in the booklet), nah, instead of this good lyrics about friendship and relations, as well as pretty critical lyrics on society, politics and the economy, as well as against the typical 'Oh so nice!' scumbag next door, so all in all also thumbs up for this. Six songs in total of them and the best ones (if ya ask me) are "FÜR DICH...", "SCHICHTGESICHT" und "...UND TSCHÜß". Pretty retarded Porno artwork of their site of the booklet and a very good powerful as well as great dirty production sound. So all in all they get solid and save 8 out of 10 points. Side B is owned by AUSSCHLUSS, and they do also play German Oi! Punk with heavy German Punk influences and also strong 1990's German Oi! quotations as well as also some very few classical British Oi! roots to ground it all, and not to forget about some strong stadium hymn qualities, thumbs up. Sawing heavy and raging guitar playing, very present bass work and strong marching drums, crowned by snotty spitted lead vocals and backed up by some very strong back up chants and a good dose of Sing-A-Long parts in it. Somewhere to be located between early LOIKAEMIE, the first BIERPATRIOTEN album, PÖBEL & GESOCKS and THE BUSINESS, and if ya like the named bands and if ya can imagine a pretty cool and really good combination out of them then you should really check out AUSSCHLUß. Lyrically we get songs against politics and fuck off's to the left and the right, as well as they sing about other subjects/topics like friendship and the region from where they come or came. Five songs in total on their side and my favorites are truly "DON'T LIKE THEM ANYWAY", "WIE'S FRÜHER WAR" and their total anthem "RUHRGEBIET". Very nice artwork of their part of the booklet, and also a very strong and good production sound. They do get also solid and save 8 out of 10 points, absolutely no doubt about it after all. All in all the artwork of the complete record looks great, and I have to admit that I love 10'' vinyl stuff anyhow 'always', I mean 10'' just totally rules. I know, I'm some sort of a nerd, hm, but that you know now for quite a while I guess, haha;-). So, if you like to listen to some truly good German Oi! Punk and still don't own this record then you should better change this and get it asap and before it's sold out totally and completly. Good stuff!!! Are the bands still around?!? (8 of 10 points)
(Sorry, found no site for/of AUSSCHLUß...)

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