Samstag, 19. März 2011


("People Like You Records" / "Evil One Music"; CD):
This is also a already pretty old record (released back then in 2003 by the german "PEOPLE LIKE YOU RECORDS" label, hm, somehow in cooperation with the- to me totally unknown- "EVIL ONE MUSIC" label), but just some months ago I got it (never heard anything of the band before) and also for a very low price (together with- beside some other records- the THE BLACK HALOS record I reviewed some days ago). First listened to it, yehp, and without a second thought I decided that this is some fuckin' cool stuff. I always loved Horrorpunk and especially the MISFITY really have always been one of my favorites out there, and what shall I say, also DAMNATION are a great Horrorpunk band influenced by the godfathers of this musical style, no one else than the MISFITS. But unlike a lot of the bands today they really didn't copy the legends (even the influences are quite clear to hear), and also they keep their musick basically totally free of any Metal stuff (thank the gods for that), yeahr, and any kind of What-so-ever-Billy influences you will also not find here (thank the gods for that even more). Horrorpunk like the MISFITS is the concrete but DAMNATION also work with some great Melodic Punk/Core influences, some Dark Gothic Rock (remember DANZIG) impressions, as wel as also some pretty few dirty'n'sick Rock & Roll notes to it (think of THE HOOKERS), hell yeahr, and then you have the music and style of DAMNATION. All dominated by the strong and rich on variations and also damn charismatic and theatralic (in a very positive way) lead vocals, the great "Ohhh-Ohhh-Ohhh" back up chants, as well as the very fast paced and tight, heavy and hard, yet meldoic and sharp guitar work (also the solos and leads are really cool and damn good stuff), and the heavy bass playing and the commanding drum stomp-rhythm really give it all the necessary power and force behind it. It's really damn fucking good stuff. Problems are just the shocking weak tracks "SHUT THE HELL UP!", "FORMALDEHYDE", and "R.I.P.", as well as the sadly enough in general far too short running time (just around twenty-two minutes), if that minus' wouldn't be around in this context they would get also a far better rating then they already get so anyhow. The lyrics are really some damn cool stuff (perfect Horrorpunk stuff), the artwork looks really just great, the production sound fits perfect and the two bonus live songs are some nice bonus stuff (includng also a pretty cool THE SUBHUMANS cover version, namely "KILLING"), even the recording-sound of this ntwo songs isn't really that good anyway. Best songs are definitely the opener and über-anthem "FUEL INJECTED PRIEST", the pretty weird "GARBAGE TRUCK", their band- and scene-hymn "CA. DEMONS", as well as the two smasher songs "66613" and "BLOODJUNKIES". So, yes, if you still don't have it and you're in love with some pretty 'occult' and 'satanic' music and especially Punk(rock), and even more especially if Horrorpunk is your favorite choice then don't think twice and give it at least a fair try with one or two good rounds, hm, or maybe get in anyhow anyway asap. Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)

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