Donnerstag, 31. März 2011


Last post for today/tonight and also for this very month, and I'll keep it short this time due to several different reasons, even the band that's now coming would really deserve some words more, but anyhow, I'm not Santa Claus... Okay, now the great and just brutal punishing SUPERJOINT RITUAL (with the awesome Phil Anselmo in their rows/ranks) are aimed at ya, damn great pretty stand-alone music/sound somewhere between EYE HATE GOD and PANTERA beside some other Core (Sludge Core and Hard Core) and Metal stuff. Check them out via this clip here if you don't know about them, and if you know about them then check this video clip here and now anyhow anyway. That's it from me for now, more soon with the next/new month coming finally up to embrace us all...


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