Montag, 28. März 2011

Old School Hardcore roughneck-veterans from the continent 'Down Under'!!!

Hey folks, now you get again a little 'Videos' posting and also some few informations about what's currently going on with this all up here (maybe we can call it some 'General Informations', too). I know, this month isn't (or wasn't) that active and 'weighty' like the last two ones that kicked off this year (with only some record reviews and a big bunch of new videos that had been posted here by me this month) but it's all about the work. I'm very, very happy that I'm in work again since the first of this very month (after being the first two months of this year- at least officially- unemployed) and it's some hard work (back to the Working-Class life for quite a while from now on) and it is eating pretty much of my time away and the pretty 'rare-grown' free time I try more to spend with my girlfriend when-ever and also as much as it's somehow possible and while the week-days are pretty much filled with work I try to fill especially my (or our) weekends with her to spend some real quality time, and beside this I'm also very happy that my injured shoulder is finally more than okay again and so I'm also doing a lot of Sports finally again (I'm very happy about it), and beside this there are also my family, my dog, and also my friends and to all of them I'm trying to give as much of my free time as possible and so I'm really not all too often online, being not workin' that much up here these days. The next month will surely become a little bit 'stronger' again (at least I really do hope so) with the DOC. MARTEN tribute (hi)story for the 'American Oi! History Series' (it's done, just have o translate it) and also some good and interesting 'Sports' suprises I'v got pretty much worked out for you (after I'm very glad to see that especially the DENNIS WOLF post very quick became such a 'audience-magnet' up here, that's really great to see, and THANX very much to all of you out there) and you can be pretty curious about it. Over the next month this all and hopefully also some stuff more will finally see the light of the day (surely new reviews of- new and old- records, and also of some movies and of some zines again, and there's still a gig report waiting to be written down by me), btw I decided also to start finally workin' on some new interviews over the next one or two weeks, I'll tell you more about it when there's more I can tell you all about it, watch out (but keep in mind that it will take some time). What's great to see is that latest from December 2010 on and especially over the last and this month the 'audience-attendance-ratings' up here are really going through all possible thinkable roofs (I hope you know what I mean, it's a 'common german saying' and I don't know if it's workin' out in english), and for this goes out again a really, really big THANX to everyone and all of you out there!!! Also to all my 'blogger-comrades' that linked my blog on their blogs/sites/pages: THANX a lot guys!!! So, and now finally onward to this 'Videos' post;-)... You now get a very cool and just great video clip of the stand-alone amazing Hardcore band TOE TO TOE from Australia, one of the longest running bands in the subcultural world of Hardcore, Oi!, and Punkrock from Down Under, and also one of the very, very best from there (and if you keep in mind that over the last years more or less truly only great bands came across the borders and oceans from there this is really a statement that means a lot), and so I hope that you will enjoy this clip, song and band as much as I do it, that's some really great WARZONE, SLAPSHOT, etc. pp. inspired Old School Hardcore with a very very strong own identity to make it all round, and so just and enjoy it and dance hard or die!!! Play it loud, motherf****r!!!


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