Montag, 14. März 2011

POUND FOR POUND we all will find our freedom BEYOND THE PALE and so we're all forever DOWN FOR THE CAUSE...

Tonight I've got some videos packed up ready for you, and here now come three videos of the almighty and outstanding and legendary PRO-PAIN from New York City and they present here three outshining great anthems, to name "POUND FOR POUND", "BEYOND THE PALE", and "DOWN FOR THE CAUSE", hell yeahr, and so you now get three times one of the very, very best and (especially for me) most important NYHC (and Hardcore and music-in-general) bands of all times ever, PRO-PAIN!!! "POUND FOR POUND" is taken from their full length debut album "FOUL TASTE OF FREEDOM", and it's a great song (hard stomping and brutal grooving Metal influenced NYHC of the early 1990's and in the typical PRO-PAIN way of sound and style), and it's also a pretty cool and funny video clip full of that typical from the late 1980's into the early 1990's imported style and aesthetics (that today only make ya shake ya head). Damn it, still a great and stand-alone anthem, point ad fact!!! Then comes "BEYOND THE PALE" taken from their phenomenal and fantastic "AGE OF TYRANNY - THE TENTH CRUSADE" album from 2007, and it's a strong by Metal influenced heavily metallic NYHC beast and you really hear how much they've improved and developed over the passed 17 years from their debut album on. This is one of my favorites of them, and it's incredible how tight and strong and intense the atmosphere of this song is. Amazing!!! "POUND FOR POUND" and "DOWN FOR THE CAUSE" are (for what I do know) the official clips of the songs, just "BEYOND THE PALE" is some 'inofficial affair' but still a nice little video clip. Last song (and video) is then "DOWN FOR THE CAUSE", a crushing devastating song that you find on their (pretty often overlooked and underrated) 2002 regular full length album release "SHREDS OF DIGNITY", and it's one hell of a monster of a song of atomizing metallic and 'groovy' NYHC musick in that typical brutal beating and mercyless stomping PRO-PAIN tradition of music, sound, style and attitude. Fantastic!!! Hopefully you will enjoy the songs and the clips and this very little (but at least second) 'Videos' tribute post to honour and pay tribute to this unique and phenomenal band, the almighty and immortal and (at least for me) larger-than-life PRO-PAIN!!! Btw, also lyrically PRO-PAIN leave absoultely no questions unanswered, point and fact.




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