Donnerstag, 31. März 2011

Mr. Floppy about addiction, 'Hollywood' stars in general, Michael 'jigging off his wife' Douglas and his 'sex-addiction' in particular, and the responsibilty of getting pregnant and becoming parents...

Hey folks,
now another 'new' and 'little' posting of the sort of thepretty well-known 'Videos' category sort of posting things, yehp, and this time it's finally the greatest who's back, the wise and smart and charismatic open-minded godfather of tolerance and political correctness, no one else than MR. FLOPPY!!! His giving us another great free speach (this time about the in the headline of this post mentioned topics) and it's just incredible great!!! I loved and still love this sitcom/show and especially this damn bunny, haha;-)!!! Enjoy it, here it comes!!!

MR. FLOPPY about addictions and responsibiliy...

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