Montag, 7. März 2011

EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK is just nothing but a WASTE OF MY TIME and only SHE GOT ME OVER YOU, you're nothing but CREEPS...

("Dim Records"; 7"): This one here is (again) some sort of a classic(al) release, first released in 1996 by "LOUDBOY MUSIC" and licensed for the german and european market by the german "DIM RECORDS" label and released in 1997. I have no informations about the band, so don't ask me anything and also not if THE ULTIMATICS are still around (but I would bet that not - and I was wrong) or if they departed (I would bet that they've done so - yehp, like I've already stated, I was wrong) and what the guys in the band now maybe do today. But this is a pretty strong 7'' single, containing four songs at all (two per side), and I would anticipate that a lot of you (or at least some- more- of you) out there missed it anyhow until this very day, yehp, and so here comes the review of it, yes, and calm down, you all that have missed into until now can thank me later;-). So okay, onward to this 7'' here. All what I know is that THE ULTIMATICS had been an American band playing some pretty cool and old school style classical Punkrock with some strong Garage feeling to and good old tymed Rock & Roll marks in it. Dirty and noisy, rockin' and groovin' guitar riffing, pretty cool guitar leads and solos that are directly aimed at your ears and hit their aim pretty precise, all very snotty and 'unclad' and really direct and reduced as fuck to the minimum but so damn effective, great, then there is a pretty nice distorted bass playing to give the songs some good doses of force, and not to forget about the tight and precise truly damn effective drumming, as well as the really cool lead vocals, snottily and 'outspitted' as fuck, and also some cool back up chants are to be found. Also some really nice songwriting, and especially Side B is fuckin' strong with the two anthems "CREEPS" and "WASTE OF MY TIME", even Side A with "SHE GOT ME OVER YOU" and "EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK" knows also how to convince. Like I've already said, pretty nice and cool songwriting, especially the refrain parts are really strong, and also THE ULTIMATICS knew how to play. Okay, it's some pretty simple stuff, I know, so okay, I mean they aren't building fusion bombs or something like this here, but that's in no way something bad and they do a truly damn good job and display here a really strong performance, point and fact. Dirty and earthy, clichè-free and pretty roots-orientated Punkrock from the States with healthy doses of Garage, Early/Pre-Punk and traditional Old School Rock & Roll influences delivered to us. Don't know if THE ULTIMATICS released anything else or more, but this 7'' here was a good job done by them. Point and fact!!! Very nice artwork of this 7'' on black vinyl, pretty cool and good lyrics (you get them while you listen to the songs but they really should have been printed anyhow), as well as a really great dirty and reduced production sound. Nice shot!!! So, if ya don't have it already then, if ya ask me, do yourself the favor and 'check the market' where it's still to be found and then just get and enjoy it, maybe (or surely) nothing for the (at least self-proclaimed) Tough Guys of you out there, ha, but who cares, and btw that's really cool Punkrock. Point and fact. Cheers!!! (8 of 10 points)
(I think I was wrong, uhm, I mean I know I was wrong- by now- because they are still around and pretty active or somthing like this ;-) and here comes the link to their MySpace site:; there you can also get more informations about them and I think that I really need to get a new or at least 'newer' THE ULTIMATICS release asap!!!)

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