Donnerstag, 24. März 2011


Hey folks, my dear readers!!!

Last post for today, after some (or not some but just two...) pretty long record reviews you now get at the end of this day just some short words and a nice little video clip, yehp, that's it for today and so here's coming finally a 'Videos' category sort of post for you at this day, too. A damn important band for me, but I've writen this all and even some stuff more before because you already got a 'Videos' post to pay my honour and tribute to them this very year (I think back then in January) and I'm talking about no one else than the Skateboard Hadcore Legends SUICIDAL TENDENCIES from California. A pretty old song you now get via ('a-not-so-really-real') little video, and this song is their incredible great anthem "JOIN THE ARMY", and it's the title track of their brilliant second full length album, "JOIN THE ARMY", released back then in 1987. Great song by a fantastic band with cool lyrics and legendary and just damn pure gold great music(k), so yes, enjoy it and then for now I wish ya all a god night this very night called 'tonight'... More here to come pretty soon, we read us!!! Skate or die!!! Cheers & Oi!


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