Samstag, 26. März 2011

On a FLIGHT 666 with some dirty rotten $MONEYMAKER$ called MEASUREMENT JOHNNY, like a WILDOG, like MR. FUNKY, you better STAY AWAY FROM MY HONEY, it's now BADGE AWAY, it's about winning this DEVIL RACE...

("People Like You Records"; CD):
The next one of my definitely low price and hopefully high quality old or 'older' "PEOPLE LIKE YOU RECORDS" label releases I bought in a package more or less recently and I'm now about to introduce to you. This time it's the "EIGHT SPEED IMPROVED TRACKS - EP" titled CD EP of THE SPITTS and what I have to say first is that this was released some years too early (back then in 2001), because if it would have been released from some time from 2005 on with this whole Punkabilly, Drunkabilly, Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Surfabilly, What-so-ever-Billy hype and trend and the (even more) retarded 'masses' that follow this trend and cheer to every cheap fart out of the 'Billy' genre it would or at least could have been a pretty top seller or something like this. Anyhow... THE SPITTS (never knew them before this one here, hm, and to be honst I also only know this one here) used to play (and maybe they use to still play it) what you can easily call Punkabilly, taking Punk'n'Roll and mixing it with what's today announced to make it all a What-so-ever-Billy stuff release: Speed, very roots oriented guitar riffing, reduced drum beats, über-sweet 'poppy' and catchy refrain and in general lead vocal arrangements, and fast paced more or less (and here more less and less more) 'slapped' bass work, and et voila here you have it: Punkabilly!!! Combine Punkrock with Scandinavian Guter Rock'n'Roll, fingerpointing Stadium Rock qualities, lots of classical Rock & Roll impressions, and a huge dose of catchyness and melody, and also here and there some good doses of modern (Psycho-) Billy musick (think about MAD SIN and maybe also the NEKROMANTIX,  most clearly to hear when you listen especially to "DEVIL RACE") and you get a pretty good idea of what these guys from Sverige used to do here on this one. What is great is that they use a Contrabass only (!) at one (!) song, the already mentioned "DEVIL RACE", and that they otherwise use to play with a real (!) bass (!) guitar (!), and also it's pretty cool that the guitars do really rock and that they dominate with a lot of ideas as well as power and force the songs and music, and I mean that the guitars REALLY ROCK, and that also the lead vocals are in no way any kind of a cheap wasted on a drink ELVIS PRESLEY clone and pretty 'punky' instead of it. Especially the fast and truly rockin' guitar work caught me by suprise right from the start. And they also managed to write some really impressive anthems ("$MONEYMAKER$", "WILDDOG", "STAY AWAY FROM MY HONEY", "FLIGHT 666"), really catchy shit!!! All is coming with some pretty 'funny' (but NOT dumb) lyrics (not printed but easy to understand while you listen to the songs), with a great sunny party feeling to it that will leave you thirsty for more, and all in a nice artwork with some obscure-funny 'Gore' and 'Horror' aesthetics mixed up with some weird-nice 'Gangsta' attitude to it, and all in a cool and very good, clear or clean (but not too clean) and also really pretty heavy, production sound. That the energy level is more than 'just' (very) high should be clear for everyone used to this kind of music, as well as that it all is filled up with dynamic and speed and power as fuck, and yehp, that's really some pretty cool stuff!!! Nothing groundbreaking and hell not nothing anyhow lifechanging, but who cares, as long as it's at least some really good and damn cool musical affair like it surely is here, hm, and that's at the end of the day sometimes even much more important, point and fact. The band is for what I know still active today, relasing records and playing live, so check also their 'newer' material out if you're interested in that kind of musick (as described above in this review here) and try to grab a copy of this little album here and don't look too much just after or at the price, because in the world of Punk'n'Roll, Punkabilly and What-so-ever-Billy (especially this retarded circus clichè garbage it uses to be today) this one here stands its ground, tall and proud, and is worth every second of your life you choose to give to it with listening to it and it's also worth every little cent you're maybe about to pay for it. Pretty cool and really good stuff!!! (8 of 10 points)

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