Sonntag, 27. März 2011

Goslar Black Metal invading the throne in the light of darkness...

Here you now get something maybe a little bit controversial (once again one might think...), this time you get some Black Metal finally up here (I think that's pretty much for the first time that Black Metal is to be found up here...) and while some may think that fact, the fact that you now get Black Metal up here, would be controversial or something like this, nah, I love Black Metal music(k), it's the band, VARGULF, that's controversial. They were from Goslar (I don't think they are active anyhow anymore) and at least some members of VARGULF back then (Goslar was and is pretty small so you know 'them all' respectively so we know 'us all'...) grew more and more heavy into this radical and extreme whole retarded White Power and NS scene and should also play in acts like SCHUTZSTAFFEL (/SS) and other crap WP/NS bands and so also VARGULF soon and quick became labeled as a NSBM band, and their intense contacts to bullshit german NSBM bands (like for example FROST - respectively THE TRUE FROST...) made nothing better at the end. I don't know if VARGULF ever had been a NSBM band or not, I really don't know about it, just to judge by the lyrics and the artworks of their records I would say no, it's just satanic Black Metal stuff the very Old School Norway way of sound and style and especially also the old BURZUM should have been a pretty important influence on and for them. (Ha, BURZUM, things get even more clear might some of you now think...) Anyhow, like I've already said, I wouldn't label them a NSBM band even some of the members were (and are) it definitely, but for all what I know they had never done any NS, etc. pp. crap song and they've also never used svastikas or anything like this for the artworks of their releases (talking at least about all the stuff I know from them), yehp, and so I wouldn't label them as NSBM even some of you might think different about it. But how-ever, it's maybe also once again all not so important at all at the end of the day. (Even it was and maybe still is a pretty important 'thing' in some certain 'Metal circles' here from Goslar and so on...) You now get a little 'Videos' posting that gives you a little video clip of the VARGULF track "IN THE LIGHT OF DARKNESS", and it's (I tink) from their second full length album "INVADING THE THRONE" (a great album of pretty fine Black Metal), it's great Old School Black Metal, evil (oh-oh-oh) and satanic (even more oh-oh-oh) stuff so better say your prayers before you listen to it;-). Hopefully you will enjoy it, hell yeahr, from time to time I still really pretty much enjoy a good healthy dose of some good ol' Black Metal, and so that is also here the case with VARGULF, no matter if some of you out there now may like it or not, point and fact!!!


(old) Bandpicture
(Isn't Black Metal some frightening stuff or what;-)?!?)

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