Sonntag, 13. März 2011

*** Niente politica solo Oi! ***

("Bandworm Records"; CD):
Here's some Old School Spaghetti Oi! (or Oi! from Italy... or Italy Oi!... you know what I want ta say with it). The band ASOCIALE was a to me pretty unknown band, even they exist(ed) at least from 1990 on. But okay, beside KLASSE KRIMINALE and NABAT (of the classics) and PRIMEA LINEA (of the 'young' ones) I'm not really familiar with Oi! from the land of pasta, pizza and vine (yeahr, clichès rock, haha;-)...), to be honest here and now. It's pretty much the same as it is with Oi! (Punkrock, Hardcore, etc. pp.) from Spain and/or France, I mean, nothing speaks against Oi!, Punk, and Hardcore, etc. pp. bands singing in their mother tongue, no problem with it, I think its's maybe always pretty cool somehow and from time-to-time, hm, but I just totally dislike the very most of the crap that guys from Spain, the French Republic, and Italy do sing in their mother tongue. This kind of languages make me really go nuts in everything but a good way, haha;-). But to all my readers from the named countries, just don't take it all too serious, I mean, it's maybe just because I normally don't really understand 'that many' of what 'your' bands are singing out there when it is about the mentioned languages, haha;-). (Damn it, sounds like a damn fucking apple-polisher is writing down these words here;-)...) So okay, even I don't know why the fuck I'm today/tonight now so incredible damn fucking tired I hope that this what I'm writing here still makes some sense at the end of your day... ASOCIALE had been (or still are... ?...) a old school and old style Oi! band from the state and boot of Italy, they were at least around from 1990 to 2010 and this here shall be the complete collection of their releases, thrown on the market by the sympathic german "BANDWORM RECORDS" label. Hm, after all 'complete collection' writing we only get eleven tracks at all, yehp, and that's not really a statement, at least not an really impressive one... at lest if ya ask me. So I don't know how serious this all 'complete' stuff is meant. We get straight forward and also straight and pretty well-paced 'old schoolish' and really very 'punkish' Oi! Punk music, here and there some SKA rhythms to it, and all marked by the nice and tight guitar section, as well as by the strong, clear, and really strongly wasted on a drink lead vocals and the massive Sing-A-Longs and Crew Choirs. It's some old styled Oi! Skinhead Rock & Roll, all played pretty quick (which means quick paced mid tempo stomping) in a very 'punky' style of the songs but als coming with some strong Rock & Roll marks to it (just listen especially to the guitar riffing work of some of the songs). Pretty cool are also most of the leads, some good solos are also to be recognized here and there, and the rhythm work is mostly really a good done job after all. Maybe you can compare them somehow with NABAT and KLASSE KRIMINALE, to be located in the middle of or between this two mentioned bands. It's all some good stuff, even it's nothing groundbreaking and I wouldn't give only one of my legs for this one here, but it's good stuff, no doubt about it, but the songwriting's really lacking some fresh ideas and they could loosen up especially the way the drums are played, as well as also the lead vocals could express more emotions and changes of the way how the songs are sung. But okay, a good record that should really be some very interesting stuff for the Italy Oi!, Streetpunk and Punkrock nerds out there. We get all (?) their old songs (seems like the band really and truly just released some 7'' singles and some tracks on various compilations over the 1990's) and some new ones (seems to be some sort of a comeback... but the style stayed the same), as well as a terrible violation of Dub and Offbeat by the band that's named "ASOCIALE DUB" (bitter crap) and a nice cover of the very, very old, old SKREWDRIVER anthem "ANTISOCIAL" (can't beat the original one... hell no!!!... but it still stands its ground). All in all a good album that you should give a good round and a fair try, especially if the language is no barrier or something like this for you. The album starts terrible (with "ASOCIALE Oi!") and ends terrible (with "ASOCIALE DUB"), but between this terrible starting and ending points you can find some pretty good stuff between some more average and solid stuff, so you can calmly check it out by giving it a fair try, at least this, for sure. All in all we get also a pretty good artwork, a nice and raw production sound, hm, and about the lyrics I can't really tell ya that much anyhow, maybe just that it's possible some antisocial stuff;-). (7 of 10 points)
Now you get a very little video of their bandhymn "NIENTE POLITICA SOLO Oi!", and I like this one of them really pretty much, so just check it out and enjoy it.


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