Freitag, 28. Oktober 2011

FEAR OF EXTINCTION - "PROMO 2011" (D.I.Y. Crustcore from Prague, Czech Republic in 2011)

("D.I.Y."; CD):
Whoaa, what an inferno!!! Back then, twelve to fifteen years ago or so there was a time when I was heavily into and nearly addicted to Crustcore and D-Beat music and even today I normally don't listen to this specific genre of music that often anymore and also normally more or less first and foremost to personaly faves of mine like SKITSYSTEM, DISGUST, DISFEAR, GENOCIDE SS, AMEBIX, EXTREME NOISE TERROR (okay, maybe more Grindcore than Crustcore, I know, but in the case EXTREME NOISE TERROR the borders between these two genres are very softly flowing through), DOOM, DISCHARGE and especially the almighty WOLFPACK (now-a-days still around under the name of WOLFBRIGADE) I have to say that I'm still fascinated with and by this kind of music, its rawness and rough violence and sheer force and pure energy and so I was pretty excited when I got this CD by a friend of mine not that long ago with a good healthy dose of Crustcore on it delivered by a to me new band from Prague in the Czech Republic called FEAR OF EXTINCTION. The band used to release already a demo tape as well as a selftitled 7'' vinly single and now here's their "PROMO 2011" called new release, a four track CD released for all what I know and see via the D.I.Y. way of doing things. Okay, we get like I've already said four songs in total and this songs rage through in nearly something like six minutes or so and so you all should already now about the deal: Hatefilled and pissed off as fuck high speed Crustcore!!! A big DISCHARGE and so with it D-Beat influence is without a doubt there to be recognized and they transform it into even far more sinister and desolate, violent and noisy Crustcore and they somehow remind me of the almighty DISGUST, even FEAR OF EXTINCTION are even way more Punk and play it more basically and down to the core. A lot of noisy and very 'punky' as well as 'mad thrashing' guitars, fast pace in a heavy and mean and fast stomping stoic way done, a buzzing and angry and distorted heavy bass, fast and tight and very hard drumming, and totally pissed off vocals that just scream hate and disgust in and at the fae of the world, on top of it huge and heavy doses of blasting energy, 100% authentic rebellious gladiatorial attitude and sheer violence and force. This band isn't building fusion bombs here and they don't give a damn about any digitally reinvented warfare they rather take a rusty and dirty axe and chop their enemies in half with it infecting even the bloody splattered remains at the wall and on the ground. Here's nothing anyway invented anyhow new but who cares as long as it all is done damn good, right... And FEAR OF EXTINCTION do their job surely damn good. The four songs carry the titles "EIGHT HOUR HELL", "AN IDOL BASTARD", "NEVER" and "FERAL PACK" and deal on a solid but also usual way with your usual Crustcore/D-Beat issues (no matter what your personal standpoint to this issues and how Crustcorebands in general deal with them may are), the dirty and raw production sound fits perfect and the black and white artwork got a great look (even it reminds me somehow of the album cover of the "IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF HEROES" album of the british R.A.C. band LEGION OF ST. GEORGE, haha;-)...) and if you're into old school styled Crustcore with a very heavy D-Beat foundament this guys from Prague you have desperatly to check out, damn good stuff, period. If you don't see it anywhere just contact the band itself. (8 of 10 points)

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  1. Nice blog you have. I'll definitely come back and check it out every now and then. I mainly listen to country, bluegrass and cajun nowadays, but I still got the straight edge and every now and then I still put some hc on to my stereo.