Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

SHEER TERROR - "SPITE" (Legendary NYHC on "Reaper Records" in 2011)

("Reaper Records"; 7''):
Yes, they are back, the immortal and almighty SHEER TERROR, the Hardcore legend from the NYC. I can't really remember when the last full new proper release of them came out (was it really the larger-than-life "LOVESONGS FOR THE UNLOVED" album far back then?!?) but now here finally is their newest and truly brandnew release so far, their via "REAPER RECORDS" released "SPITE" titled new 7'' masterpiece. Three songs we get, on side A "HERSEY ON THE MONKERY BARS" and on side B "BLUE SHADOWS WILL FALL" and the JOHNNY THUNDERS (?) cover of "SALOME". "HERSEY ON THE MONKERY BARS" is a angry, bitter, brutal, aggressive and noisy forward hammering stoic monolith of pure hate and disgust set into music, into sheer power, force and attitude, to name it precise into: SHEER TERROR!!! Atomizing up tempo slam dance mosh pit force with sheer fist in the air (or in your neighbors face) attitude to start and to end it, in between this pure inferno a totally mid to down paced downbreaking point is placed with just phenomenal force and effictivness, it's awesome. "BLUE SHADOWS WILL FALL" then kicks in with a massive groove before the Hardcore massacre in that specific SHEER TERROR style is unleashed again, and yes, they still know how to create tension, pressure, atmosphere and how to write almighty mosh as well as refrain parts, again: it's awesome. Then comes "SALOME", the above mentioned cover tune, and even it's a pretty strong contrast because it sounds far more like a JOE COFFEE track than a SHEER TERROR song it's just a phenomenal track (like JOE COFFEE are like also SHEER TERROR just a brilliant and totally stand-alone band), catchy, melodic, hymnal-anthemic as fuck, marked by a very emotional guitar playing and the outstanding clean vocals by Paul Bearer. And, to sum it all up as we head straight towards the end of this review, it's all here what you want and need and wish to get from SHEER TERROR: heavy and hard, dustdry and pure brutal, very well-versed and also pretty multi-layered guitar work, a damn massive and bulky and heavy rhythm section at work played perfectly down to the point and always directly just in time delivered, full and mighty crew back ups, and the incredible charismatic and larger than life brutal lead vocals that we all love so much. And also their ability to write strong and strongest damn grapping songs is still here. Also lyrically it's SHEER TERROR pure and also nothing less than SHEER TERROR in best shape, thumbs up!!! The artwork is a great one, the vinyl comes in (at least) two colors (green and black) and the forceful production sound makes this bomb all even more round and dangerous effective in the end. Don't think twice, just get this awesome masterpiece and better get it now!!! Still UGLY & PROUD!!! (10 of 10 points)

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