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TRUTH - "DEMO '11" (True D.I.Y. Straight Edge Hardcore from Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. setting the standard new in 2011)

TRUTH - "DEMO '11"
("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
First comes first, so here we go: I have first of all sadly to admit that I have not a single clou if this D.I.Y. demo of this year was ever released on a physical format or just via a MP3-Download and I just found it via an MP3-Download in form of a link floating through the internet together with a very little and short review of it and both I've found on the damn cool "THE PRICE OF SILENCE" blog ( and what I finally listened to just totally took me by storm and convinced me heavily like not much else and so I decided to do a review of this demo anyhow without knowing more about the background informations of it and so I'll do this review here and now anyway and anyhow and so I'll also post the download link of the above mentioned blog at the end of this review and so if the band as well as/or the guy who runs the above mentioned great blog abd with that had created this very download link read/s this and want/s that the link is removed just drop me a line via a message or via a little comment and then I will take care of it as soon as possible. So, yehp, after this ''setting-the-record-straight'' words for the introduction now here we go and what now follows is the review of this demo album, yehp, so here we go: TRUTH are a new (and to me a totally new) band from Dallas, Texas (/U.S.A.) that is strongly dediacted to Straight Edge Hardcore and like they say it True Straight Edge Hardcore. Thinking about it I think that TRUTH is the first Straight Edge Hardcore band from Dallas, Texas (/U.S.A.) that I've ever listened to in all those many years from the starting point in the early years of the 1990's on. I love what TRUTH are doing here: Old School flavored Youth Crew styled Straight Edge Hardcore in the tradition of such legendary and phenomenal bands like CHAIN OF STRENGTH and YOUTH OF TODAY and so on and here and there some WARZONE as well as also some SLAPSHOT marks to it and they do it all very fresh and young and alive and new without any retro bullshit crap to it and with an incredible strong and authentic gladiatorial attitude and an unbroken spirit to back it all up. This is really not just True Straight Edge Hardcore but also Real Straight Edge Hardcore and it's done awesome, period. We get guitar riffing that is sharp as a knife and heavy and hard like a crowbar that is precisely swinged directly into your fucking face, it's well-versed and multi-layered done so that there is more happening as you might think when you listen the first time to it and it's totally free of any Metal stuff to it and that's even far more great and also you won't find any Gangsta Core or Tough Guy Core spirit to it. The pace of the guitar dominated songs is mostly a pretty fast one but the riffs do vary and change quite a bit as well as the songwriting is very damn good stuff with great Mosh parts and Stop & Go passags to it and to groove they do know anyhow and also very floating changes of pace, rhythm and structure in it and that's really impressive and great, period. Then we get vey cool and charismatic into the mic spitted pretty clean Hardcore shouting vocals that really mark the songs in an all good way heavily and strongly. The rhythm section then is a pure and precise as fuck working jackhammer set into music that tears down every damn fucking wall and supports the unbroken fist into the air attitude of the songs as well as this is also done by the cool crew back up chants. Good and tight and precise working musicians are here at work that also know how to write incredible grapping and energetic and forceful songs and each and every single song turns out to be a fucking hymn, a damn great anthem. And so we do get one great stomping intro track and six songs at all which means six anthems at all and that's really a statement. The songs carry the titles of "SPEAK THE TRUTH" which is the intro track, "MYSELF", "THE RIGHT MIND", "MOVING ON", "HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE", "MEANING" and "NAILED TO THE X" and every song is an awesome piece of music but if I should have to pick up and name you my personal favorite I think it would be pretty much the totally larger than life song "MOVING ON". We also get great lyrics that spread quite a wide distance from personal issues to battle-scarred Straight Edge fighting anthems, a great raw yet heavy and somehow really pretty clean production sound that totally rules and a phenomenal cool badass cover artwork that is nothing else than pure and total ''badassery'' set into art and it's just a phenomenal great done job. Fact and matter is that you really need to have this awesome amazing demo and hopefully more of TRUTH will be coming anyhow soon and maybe finally a good label is backing their work up with a good fair and proper record deal and the support that comes with this. This is brilliant shit, awesome stuff, so just get it anyhow anyway as soon as somehow possible!!! (10 of 10 points)
(Update I: Okay, I just figured out thanks to the almighty Google gods that this demo was released as a official MP3-Download of which the link to their bandcamp page I will give you at the end of this words and also as a professional demo tape via "BIG CARTEL" and also this link I will give you at the end of this words. Also I figured out by surfing through their bandcamp site that there's already a new release by TRUTH out also via a free download there and as you all may already thought I got the download and as soon as I listened intense to it and worked myself into it you'll also find the review of this release up here. - Update II: We just have to be satisfied with one new TRUTH song of the title "JUST UNDERSTAND" that seems to be a part of up and coming or currently released Hardcore Compilation of the name of "BUMMER SUMMER MMXI" released by a group called "HARDCORE COLLECTIVE" and what shall I say, the song is a monster a brilliant piece of Hardcore and you should get it anhow and maybe I will post the song some day via a video clip or so and I will see from where the hell I can maybe get this compilation over here and also the coverartwork of this compilaion is again a great done "badassery" job. So you now know it all about it. - And that's all for now, so just let me close these lines with pointing out that the Dallas Youth Crew and TRUTH damn fucking rule supreme, period!!! Phenomenal stuff!!!)

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