Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

THORNZ - "THORNZ / DEMO 2011" (Rockin' Hardcore from San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.)

("D.I.Y." + "Born Ill Records"; MP3-Download & Tape):
Woah, that's a bomb cumin' from San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A. at us and hits right ''crushingly'' direct in your damn face. A pretty new (?) band with the first (?) demo of them being released these days. Done by the band and released via the independent underground label of "BORN ILL RECORDS" ( on tape (to be ordered for just three dollars) and also being put online as a free and official MP3-Download ( by the band itself (and that's the reason why I- already- gave ya the link). I discovered THORNZ via the fingerpointing into their diection by some mates of me (thanks a lot dudes) and today you can also find them already being featured on great sites like for example the amazing "THANKS, IT CAME AS A SET" blog ( and- maybe far more more precise to find for you and you and you- via, so hopefully they will start it all off pretty strong with this hit. And THORZ are also another D.I.Y. Underground Demo band that I've just discovered recently this year that shows that a big amount of great young new promising bands is still around doing their (great) work- for 2011 especially in the whole wide world of Hardcore music(k)- and that's always a good (if not even a far better than just good) thing. So, okay, enough of the small talk, what's now to say more about this demo? Okay, yehp, yehp, here we go: You like your Hardcore with a rockin' edge and some really anthemic lead vocals, larger than life and sing a long friendly refrain parts, full of melody and atmosphere without loosing heavyness and harshness out of focus(s), and with a very clever arranged songwriting and far away from anything that's today in any possible way maybe to be named ordinary Hardcore music(k)?!? Right up folks, here's what you like or even love and what you're searching for, no one else than THORNZ from San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A., period!!! We get three tracks of in no way retro but in every way fresh and ''alive'' 1990's styled straight rockin' and damn anthemic-hymnal and totally clichè free Hardcore like it was born and bred by the almighty LIFE OF AGONY, marked by an intense atmosphere and cultivated with some nice TYPE 0 NEGATIVE doses when it's about (for example) the arrangements of the lead singing lines and the way a great and intense atmosphere is created by THORNZ and also cultivated by some Alternative Rock music marks like the STONE TEMPLE PILOTS when it's about the guitar riffing. And also some early to mid (or so) 1990's East Cost Thrash Metal (like ANTHRAX) is coming somehow in some moments of this demo to my mind. It's all done dominated by the strong and truly incredible great rockin' and damn clever and multi-layered arranged guitar work, almighty powerul and just great clean lead vocals, a very well-versed and totally tight to the point played rhythm section, here and there some cool and full throttle crew back up chants, awesome and damn grapping and interesting songwriting, a very intense atmosphere, and all done by highly skilled musicians, short and precise: You can't wrong with this three track demo ("PUSHED TO DEATH", "MISERY" and "LOVE LUST") by this awesome young band and I really demand much more of these THORNZ, point and fact. A great artwork, a very good production sound and also fucking good lyrics we get also on top of it all, and to be honest somehow at least from time to time Tapes still do rock. A very interesting and suprisingly fresh and totally non-typical Hardcore band of today that you need to check out promptly and get this demo anyway as soon as possible. I love this shit!!! It's awesome!!! (10 of 10 points)

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