Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

REASON TO FIGHT - "BLOOD & GLORY" (American Oi! Core from Rhode Island, released back in the days of 2009)

("Lude Boy Records"; CD):
Okay, this is a review of a record that's now-a-days already a little bit older, primarly released back then in 2009 via "LUDE BOY RECORDS". But I don't care about it, just got it the last weeks and so now it comes as a review up here. REASON TO FIGHT hailing from Rhode Island and give us some grumpy, bull necked and cudgeling mixture out of harsh and heavy American Oi! and pissed off and gladiatorial Hardcore (the NY as well as the Boston way) and if ya like acts like RAZORS IN THE NIGHT, ALLEGED BRICKS and THE 86'ED (enrichd with heavy doses of mentioned Hardcore music, hm, maybe think about WARZONE on the one side and SLAPSHOT on the other side) then REASON TO FIGHT will be exactly something that will serve your needs. So yes, REASON TO FIGHT are playing some damn good Oi! Core or Skinhead Hardcore or Working Class Hardcore in a pretty fresh way. All is dominated by a very dry and also heavy guitar playing that creates massive amounts of power and force, pushes with a lot of pressure forwards, but it also offers everytime huge abilities to create melodic and catchy parts as well as very cool lead passages, thumbs up for that. Then we have a very heavy stomping and very well preset bass, pounding drumming and some very powerful lead vocals (even I have to say that I would love to hear them carry some more emotional expression with them, so they would refuse to become from time to time just blatant shouts), powerful full throttle crew back up chants, cool chorus lines and nice Sing-A-Long moments, good changing of the pace and the structure work of the songs, yehp, good songwriting, good musicians at work, it's all there. Give the lead singer some more emotional expression the next time 'round and the whole band and its songwriting here and there a little bit more suprising stuff and let u forget about the two total crap songs "ABUSED & OPPRESSED" and "SIDE BY SIDE" that are to be found as the opening duo of this album here, yes, and then the rating will be even far better the next time around. We also get good lyrics, a dirty yet hard production sound and some pretty cool but total clichè artwork. I think you should listen to this one, check it out, get it, what-ever, I love especially the fact that they show the stiff middlefinger to the todays so called Hardcore scene with playing no metallic Tough Gangsta Guy Beatdown Metal-"Hardcore" stuff but also showing the stiff middlefinger of the other hand to all the so called or self proclaimed "Oi!" Hard-Knocks out there with playing their songs more dynamic and more guitar dominated as well as often faster and the pace often more varying then your bullshit mid paced dull sing a long friendly wasted on a drink so called "Oi!" of today only knows to do. If you are a fan of REAL Hardcore as well as REAL Oi! music (and by the way to me both kinds of music have always been linked and chained very strong together) then you should really check REASON TO FIGHT out as soon as possible if you don't know them already by now. And if you like the above mentioned bands check REASON TO FIGHT very soon out anyhow. Best songs on this one here (if you ask me) are without a doubt "BATTLE BRIGADE", "RIOT", "EMBRACE", "BLOOD AND GLORY", "A COMMON THREAT", "CAN'T GET ALONG WITH ANYONE" (great bass line) and "POTTER'S FIELD". REASON TO FIGHT also released a split with the mighty THE 86'ED before this full length album and also another split release after this one here. Hopefully more of them will be coming soon. Anyhow, check it out, get it, period. Damn good stuff!!! (8 of 10 points)

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