Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

AMPUTORY - "PROMO 2010" (Old School Death Metal from Finland)

("D.I.Y."; CD):
This is a CD respectively a CD-R that's now already waiting to be reviewed up here by me for several long, long months, okay, anyhow, here it now finally comes. AMPUTORY come from Finland and they play a very Old School type of European and (to be far more precise) Swedish Death Metal. Typical trademarks, especially when it's about the guitar work (riffs, leads, solos, melodies), like they had been 'invented' or created by almighty hordes of swedish death like first and foremost DISMEMBER and (old early) ENTOMBED are all there, eventually we should also not forget about the very early GRAVE, and it all is cultivated with some medical-pathological Death'n'Grind influences like (old early) CARCASS marks and then you have it what AMPUTORY do offer us here with their "PROMO 2010" titled D.I.Y. release. Sinister and evil, harsh and still yet pretty melodic guitar work, crushing rhythm section at work, brutal and deep throated guttural grunts, mostly high tempo but also stomping mid paced groovy mosh parts and sick and devastating down paced hate and filth eruptions, all coming with a great necro spirit to it. It's all pretty cool and if you've grown up with the stuff of the mentioned bands and comparable acts (like I did grow up with it) then you will be very soon very familiar with this stuff here. It's like an god old family meeting or something like this. But, to me, it's a little bit too retro, I miss at least some fresh air that would make it all far more round. The artwork is a typical but still a pretty cool and nice one, the necro like production sound fits perfect to the music and its graveyrad/cemetary spirit, and about the lyrics I can't tell ya anything. This is a very short review up here,yehp, I know, hm, but I really don't know what I should write more up here right now. Okay, anyhow, Old School and/or Retro Death Metal fans should check this guys from Finland out, maybe they will find their next holy grail or something like this, any other fans of hard and brutal (and old) Metal music can also risk an ear, but don't expect anything 'exciting' and don't expect anything but solid stuff. But okay, I think we should keep an eye on AMPUTORY, because anyhow I could imagine that a lot even far better stuff of/by them could be aimed at us in the future, if they would just work out more intense an own character and some maybe at least a little bit 'fresh' something anyway. So far, so good... or so far, so solid. Good starting point anyhow. Btw, don't know if still copies of this one here are floating around, maybe ask the band itself. (6 of 10 points)
(Download: I hope that this is a official link- and a link that works out as it should- because I currently found this very link here on the web and it seems that you can all download the complete three track "PROMO 2010" release there; and this 'there' you can or at least should find here:

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