Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011

JENNY WOO - "ACOUSTIC Oi!" (The D.I.Y. Demo released back then in 2009 with that she kicked it all off!!!)

("D.I.Y."; Demo):
JENNY WOO should today be already pretty well known with her quite unique style of music and all her activities, she is for all what I know booking concerts and organizing gigs, writing and releasing the "SUBCULTURE SPIRIT" fanzine and today are already their I think "ALBERTA ROSE" titled proper full length debut album out as well as brandnew a very interesting split with the almighty DISCHARGER from the Netherlands, so you see, the beautiful, talented and skilled Skingirl woman from Canada (the ''Alberta Rose'' to name her correctly) is quite busy these days and that's all good and fine with me. I thought to myself why not promoting her first output ever here at this place to give you all a good starting point with her work and also to give ya all something to get over the distance until I finally had bought their other two mentioned follow up album respectively split releases. I received this demo some time last year (don't ask me why the review is just coming today online... a lazy bastard up here I became, I'm sorry and I know it already) by a friend of mine (thanks a lot man) and I was pretty amazed and convinced right from the start. JENNY WOO is playing all just with her guitar (and eventually an additional lead and/or solo guitar) and her incredible great clean as well as damn forceful lead singing voice. It's packed up full of power, emotion, attitude, passion and pride, without any clichès and done damn skillful and clever arranged, with grapping songwriting and very clever changes of the mood, the atmosphere as well as the pace, the structure and the from song to song very floating and nicely varying rhythm(s), thumbs up. The title and self-chosen genre description of "ACOUSTIC Oi!" really fits perfectly. The foundament is really something you might could call Oi! music that's played unplugged and acoustic, it's all enriched with some good healthy doses of Folk and also some Country music, as well as some good marks of good old Blues and intense Soul are worked into it. If you want to know what I mean just listen to the phenomenal "OUR Oi! MUSIC SONG" with it's brilliant Soul-ful and Blues-induced lead guitar or the brilliant "ALBERTA ROSE" with it's great Country lead, it's just really stand-alone stuff, no old farts "Oi" band trying to play Irish Folk or Country music, nah, this is truly what it's meant to be: "ACOUSTIC Oi!" and it's working out perfectly. And especially her larger than life lead singing voice you really just have to love. So, yes, I would say that everybody who's searching for some great and really outstanding pure emotional and passionate music with charming and authentic attitude really and truly will love this and so needs to have it anyhow, period. So all you damn fucks out there: Just get it!!! Ah, and very good lyrics, a nice artwork nd a very earthy and soulful production sound we do get on top of it, the complete package you might can say. (9 of 10 points)

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