Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

WITHDRAWAL - "FAITH, FLESH AND BLOOD" (Holy Terror Hardcore on ''A389 Records" in 2011)

("A389 Records"; EP + Download):
This is a record I was really pretty curious about to finally listen to and now I have it and I'm glad that I finally have it and for all what I would say WITHDRAWAL have found with "A389 RECORDS" a pretty good home ground for releasing their stuff in a proper way, I mean the home ground label of acts like the almighty PULLING TEETH and other very promising bands of the immortal Holy Terror Hardcore style and sound and so WITHDRAWAL perfectly fit into this kind of specific roster with their raging and mercyless, metallic and brutal stomping INTEGRITGY influenced Holy Terror Hardcore. Take doses of acts like INTEGRITY, FEAR TOMORROW and IN COLD BLOOD, mix it with some portions of SLAYER, some few (especially about the atmosphere) Black Metal influences, also some pretty few Doom down paced marks, as well as some influences of blackened old school Metal stuff like VENOM as well as eventually also POSSESSED (especially the first song "SHAPESHIFTER" brings first and foremost VENOM but also somehow POSSESSED to my mind), mix it all up and down, through and through and then you pretty much have what WITHDRAWAL do offer us. Brutal and insane shouted throaty and aggressive lead vocals, sharp and harsh as well as damn well-versed guitar work and bulldozer like and totally down to the point played rhythm work, cool and good changes of the pace as well as the rhythm structure of the songs, fast raging bolts go hand in hand with devastating mid to down paced bulldozer groove monsters, and a lot of incredible tight and intense atmosphere, yes, that are the (at least the major) ingredients out of which WITHDRAWAL create their music and art, damn good and skilled musicians here at work that also know how to write grapping songs.  The artwork, the band name, the record title and the titles of the four songs ("SHAPESHIFTER", "BLOOD LAW", "KINGDOM COME" and "ROTTEN HELL" - Note: The fourth song is only part of the download release, just that you know it.) maybe already show ya the direction of the interesting and multi-layered lyrics of WITHDRAWAL, the artwork is a great done job and the heavy as well as dirty production sound is just pure gold here in this case. If I shall name you my personal total favorite song on this one it's the brilliant slasher "KINGDOM COME" with its great and über-hard groove and its crushing guitar playing. So, all in all even it's nothing anyhow groundbreaking it's some really damn good stuff that you should at least risk one or two ears on, and yes, with Holy Terror Hardcore you normally can't do anything wrong anyhow. Checkt it out!!! (8 of 10 points)

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