Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

WASTE HUMAN - "HUMANITY WASTE" (Underground Hardcore from out of the dephts of Wales in 2011)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
A new and to me totally unknown band from out of Wales. I stumbled over them via reading today through the (al)mighty "THANKS, IT CAME AS A SET" blog (  and for all what I understood there are no physical copies floating around and instead of this then this demo is just available via a MP3 Downlod done by the band itself ( and if you like what you read here get it there. So, okay, I'm in no way familiar with the Hardcore scene of Wales, really, I have no idea about it like I realized when reading through the entry on the above already mentioned blog. Anyway, so WASTE HUMAN are really something totally fresh and/or new to me in every sense of it. We get five songs (including one mean and angry stomping intro track) of hard groovin' short and intense NYHC inspired a little bit metallic Old School Hardcore that varies the pace from fast raging bolt bullets to mid paced heavy stomping slashers. Chugging heavy stop and go groovy guitar work, noisy angry pissed off throaty screamed aggressive vocals, bulldozer rhythm section work, some nice crew back ups, intense mosh parts, and nice arrangements of the songs, yehp, it's all good and fine but it's way too short, the songs come in usually in under one full minute and it mostly feels like: "Hey, good start and now it gets really damn good and it takes off and... oh, fuck, what's now, how the hell can it all be again already over?!? Fuck it!!!" So, yes, five to six minutes for five songs, that's just not enough for me, especially not because it sounds already petty good what we get here by WASTE HUMAN. Hopefully they will be back for more pretty soon, and then if not with longer running songs then at least with a bunch of more songs of the same quality as the songs featured up here. Okay, that's all waht there isto say about this demo of WASTE HUMAN here, but anyway fans of NYHC influenced Old School Hardcore should check them out anyhow asap, and all others: Hey, the download is official and for free so why are you thinking about it any longer, right?!? (Ah, you need to have the real Player installed and ready to listen to this demo on your computer.) Solid to good starting point, we will see what will be coming up next by WASTE HUMAN. Ah, btw, for anyone more familiar with Wales Hardcore than me it's maybe interesting that WASTE HUMAN are some sort of a ''follow up band'' of the now a days defunct WARDOGS, just that you know about it and that you can't say that I haven't told ya so. Ah, and btw, a artwork isn't really an existing part of the download as well as you'll find no lyrics as a part of it (what's quite a pity), but the production sound is a pretty well done affair. And now that's truly finally all about this one. (7 of 10 points)

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