Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2011

THE WORLD WE KNEW - "DEATH DEALER" (Non-Dogmatic Straight Edge Metalcore from Long Island New York in 2011)

("BLK Heart Group"; CD):
Wow, here's again something really great coming at us (again, after the NOi!SE 10'' reviewed before this one here, even THE WORLD WE KNEW come out of some other musical direction), and I'm really happy that some friends of mine pointed me into the direction of this band that was totally unknown to me before I listened to this very release here for the first time quite a while ago back then earlier this very year. It's already the third full length album of THE WORLD WE KNEW and for all what I've heard and read the precursor album was released two years ago (which means in 2009) and some new band members joined the ranks of the band since then, the band signed to a new label as well, and they've also changed the attitude or mentality, so that the once through and through Straight Edge Hardcore (or Metalcore) approach changed to a more open minded approach with offering the listener(s) more free space for his/her very own interpretations of the lyrics and the messages. Something with that you never can go wrong, at least if ya ask me. So, okay, trying to keep it a little bit 'shorter' this time here we go ahead in and with this review: A basic Hardcore feeling is there and you can still get the Hardcore mentality and attitude, the Hardcore aesthetics and background, here and there also some musical reminiscences will come to your ears, that's all okay and I guess that's the reason why THE WORLD WE KNEW are (still) called Metalcore, but make no mistakes, if ya take the music just as what it is (and that's the music) this here is more or less nothing but Metal music- of the modern and also clichè-free kind-... and it's great shit, period!!! If you like acts like UNEARTH and AS I LAY DYING, as well as acts like CHIMAIRA, and maybe also AT WITS END as well as MAROON you will also like THE WORLD WE KNEW, and you will not only like them, nah, you will love them because they blend it with a very own identity and a character totally of their very own and they mange to give something totally fresh and something somehow completly alive-lively something to it that really makes them stand out from the rest of the bands in this genre called Metalcore. So, okay, it's not really fair to compare THE WORLD WE KNEW with any other band(s), yehp, so just take the name-dropping above for what it is, only a list of names that are meant to be cornerstones for your thoughts to let them know the basic direction in which they should do roam now here in this case. Modern thrashy Death Metal/Core, full of ultra-heavy as well as damn catchy and melodic guitar work, a incredible tight and forceful rhythm section, amazing grapping and emotional and being rich on variations vocals, very 'nice' punishing Beatdowns, some pretty fat crew shout back ups, brilliant songwriting full of suprises and twist and turns, awesome pace and rhythm structure of the songs, and just sheer force, heart, energy and passion, crowned by someting that I can't really describe anyhow anyway exactly here and now and that we now just call the 'X-Factor' to keep it short, simple and (at least somehow anyhow) precise. You have to listen to it if you're into the described kind of music. All made round by some great interesting and grapping lyrics, an amazing fat and tight production sound, and a great artwork. To point it out precisely for everyone out there for the last time here and now: Check it out!!! Get it!!! Period!!! This is awesome!!! (9 of 10 points)
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