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I DON'T LIKE YOU - "KEINE REUE" (German ''Rechtsrock'' on "Oi! Ain't Red Records" in 2011 ... Does really anyone needs such a crap?!? Oh come on, get some brain and then open your eyes and ears, you stupid fucks!!!)

("Oi! Ain't Red Records"; CD):
What a incredible huge bunch of bullshit!!! I've read a lot about this band in several fanzines in the past and nearly everywhere they had been hyped pretty much or, if not, they had been written down and categorized as a Nazi Rock band very drastically. So, okay, these days their new and first proper full length album had been released via the german Fascist Rock Music label "Oi! AIN'T RED RECORDS" (but just because Oi! had never been an exclusive red thing or something like this it was also never a stupid Nazi faggot thing anyhow, but this the guys of the mentioned label- and maybe also the band- will never get straight and clear anyway) and so maybe the direction should have been clear right from the start. But I thought to myself that I got some money "free" and so I decided to give this band and album a try with buying it and so I bought it... and now I don't know if I should laugh, cry, puke or it all together about it... Hm, by the way, thinking about it then I come to the conclusion that this is all in all the second release of this particular label that came across my way so far, the other release earlier before was the PUNKFRONT album last year or so, and what shall I say, I think the outcome will be all the same and so maybe I gues I'm not in the target audience of this high quality label anyhow and I'm damn glad about it, so much I can tell ya already here and now. The band themselves and also the label just is promoting it all as a non politically correct Skinhead Rock & Roll band and maybe at least the band really means this serious and really thinks that they would just do and be somehing like this but that changes nothing to the better and listening to it you get aware of the worldview of this band, maybe the label and maybe a lot of their fans with paranoid lyrics against Multiculturalism (oh yes, in a monocultural society living is oh so easy and brings so much progress with it, just look at Japan and the depression in many ways it stucks in since the 1980's that should be enough to proof you wrong on many if not all levels), against the Islam (nothing wrong with singing against organized religion and its mass betrayal and the repression it brings and always brought with it in general, and especially nothing wrong with criticism on the Islam, but if your only problem is basically the fact that a lot of muslims do seem to speak in other mother languages than your own which means german shows what your real problems are, what's your true attitude is and what your consequences are), against the oh so evil Reds and the oh so evil Communism (guys, do me a favor, read Marx and Engels- even I would bet you wouldn't understand even the introduction words of "DAS KAPITAL"- before you write down and sing bullshit lyrics like yours- and as normal you don't have to agree on what they've developed-, do read what Lenin and Stalin wrote and said and that they- as well as for example also Mao and Castro- had never been Marxists in any way, do take a look at the history and see who started with mass executions of civilians and innocents, the mass raping of women and all the other crimes you think the Red Army started maybe then you will get aware of the fact that it had been the oh so innocent and righteous Germans who also used to set Europe a flames who started it all, and about the other bullshit they preach in their paranoid and total dumb anti-commie lyrics I don't need to say anything more it's just pretty funny to see how guys that live in a social microcosm out of beer, boots, shaven heads and paranoia and stupidity with an IQ under 58 feel the need to write political lyrics and always also feel the need to say everywhere that they would be a non political band, funny to see idiots at work), about patriotism and that it's a crime that Germans aren't allowed to feel proud of being by accident born in the country that's by accident known and named as Germany (and when that's all so forbidden because just of what happens from 1933 to 1945 then tell me why Patriotism from politics, to economy, to society, to the medias and the culture industry is so well and healthy feeling over here in Germany from day to day), and then they also sing about other common clichè topics like drinking beer, fighting in the streets, about (not existing true) love, about being proud of where they come from and other crappy stuff like that. Who needs this? The sad thing is that a lot of the dumb and dull wasted on a drink scenery of the world of Skinheads and Punks over here in Germany- especially the so called new breed- will surely need this bullshit and will also find a lot of only percepted meaning in it not at least because they do have nothing else in life. What a sad and what a sucking piece of crap!!! Musically it also gets not better!!! I first hoped that we would get some nice old and early SKREWDRIVER styled Streetpunk'n'Oi! mixture but beside the two total garbage SKREWDRIVER cover songs ("I DON'T LIKE YOU" isn't done really that good but at least it's not making your ears starting to bleed, but what they've done out of "STREETFIGHT" is really just a pure violation, ah, and btw they do cover it in the original and not in the later Commie-basher version at least here on the record but it wouldn't make me wonder if live on stage they use to play the other, the later version) and the poor and sad try to do something like this by their own with the opening track "KEINE REUE" (hahaha) we get nothing else than old school German ''Rechtsrock'' or Fascist Rock in the vein of old STÖRKRAFT, some KRAFTSCHLAG and some ENDSTUFE and that also all on a very low level of quality. The rhythms, the structures and arrangemens as well as very often also the pace of every single song is just the same, the songs are all in all far too long because I DON'T LIKE YOU really lack the ability to write interesting and grapping songs that catch your attention for more than just a minute or so, also the musician skills aren't that good after all with the pace and the rhythm of the songs breaking in and varying unaimed and the band just getting out of tone all the time partially in nearly every song, the heavy rockin' guitar riffing and especially the leads and solos, as well as the trying to pound heavy rhythm section also do show some Hardrock and Heavy Metal influences that had also been always pretty typical for German ''Rechtsrock'' like STÖRKRAFT and such stuff but I DON'T LIKE YOU also lack the abilities to just do it all tight and precise, and the total blatant oh so gruff and grim wasted on a drink vocals are really the crown of it all. Terrible!!! This band and album showcasing on so many different levels and in so many different ways what's wrong with German Skinhead (and also Punk) music today, from the lyrics and the music to the label and to the support that is given ''everywhere'' to them (just because they sing against Communism, haha, even it's all pretty sad it's still pretty funny to see all this jackasses going nuts on it, haha, as if this- which means Communism- would have ever been a threat over here in Germany with its forceful anti-communist tradtions) that it's really to sad to laugh about it even it's so bad that you simply only can laugh about it if you want to handle this crap here in any only possible serious way after all. Even if I also in this case do follow my normal working line with still dealing with it as a review on music and not a debate on politics (even in cases of openly political bands in the music reviews also always a debate on politics comes in) this here was, is and stays total bullshit and utter garbage, period. Ah, just for the record, the production sound is a pretty good one and in the artwork there had been some good doses of work invested. Ah, and also just for the record, this album has nothinto do with Oi! or Streetpunk music, just to get this clear finally. And now: This CD will take a ride into the chum bucket for hazardous waste and that's it for now, maybe in every way-musically and lyrically- the worst record of the year. (0 of 10 points)

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  1. Not the best i have heard but seriously 0/10. Isnt that a bit harsh. Oi! aint red is NOT a facist label. Simply a rightwinged label releasing bands that no other label wants to tough cause of the newfound PC mentality in the scene.
    The last compilation they did had bands of mixed races and even one what i would cathegorize as anti-facist band.
    Even had some people i consider friends on it.