Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

TRIALS - "WITNESS TO THE DOWNFALL" (New Breed of American Thrash Metal from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. in 2011)

("D.I.Y."; CD):
First of all I hope I got and saw it all correct, and this would mean that I'm in the right with posting that this would be or then that this album here is a D.I.Y. release... really believe I can't it anyhow somehow by myself, facing this incredible high quality that's already here. So, okay, TRIALS are a Modern or New School Thrash Metal band with some good dose of Metalcore and some (pretty small) doses of Dethcore in their music and they operate somewhere to be located between the likes of MACHINE HEAD, PANTERA (just listen to the phenomenal riff and rhythm as well as groove and pace work of the total larger-than-life anthem "POWERLESS"), KILLINGCULTURE, LAMB OF GOD and CHIMAIRA as well, and they do it with an already very strong and present very own identity and this "They do it already" means that they do it already here with their debut album release titled "WITNESS TO THE DOWNFALL". We get a blistering and everything down beating mixture out of savage raging, brutal stomping, heavy hammering, and harsh punishing, mostly thrashy guitar riffs, incredible intense and emotional symphonic and atmospheric leads and melody lines, and in all a just stand-alone and more than 'only' well-versed and 'just' rich-on-variations arranged and structured guitar work that's marking heavily the songs, then a brilliant and tons of steel weighing heavy rhythm section, awesome diverse and rich on expression vocals that cover a whole wide distance between hysteric screams and brutal shouts to melodic clean passages and mournful whispers and some clever arranged spoken word like passages. Above all damn high technical skills of the musicians and just pure awesomness set (in)to songwriting, ship- and truck-loads of clever arrangemens, exciting rhythm structures, deeply intense atmospheres, intelligent changes of the pace, and it's all just totally interesting and grapping, and each single song has its very own character, but also still the complete album works at least exactly that good like every song for itself, too. Awesome!!! My total favorites are without a doubt "POWERLESS", "KINGDOM", "THIS IS STARVATION", "HAMMER", "SHADOWS AND TRAPS" and "DECLARATION", but also every other song is a total monster. A phenomenal release, period, get it asap!!! The production sound is amazing as well as the music, the lyrics rule totally, and the artwork is just awesome. Don't think twice, better get it now!!! And yes, to the band: I demad more!!! Phenomenal!!! (10 of 10 points)

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  1. Hey, this is Mark from Trials here. I just found your site, and I wanted to thank you for the awesome review! We're glad you liked the album -- we're working on the next one now, so there will be more music from us soon. Thanks again!