Montag, 12. September 2011

One final last good bye... Farewell my friend...

Hey folks, what's up?!? This weekend the this year's "Altstadtfest" in Goslar took place and it was an amazing weekend!!! Even it was at first a strange situation with a lot of mourning coming up again over the days of this very week before friday... Because at last past friday, the first day of the happening, the memorial concert to honour Marcus Giese one last time took place and so it was the final chance to say goodbye in a way he surely would have love to see it be done in the end. I just want to say a last farewell to him and thanks a lot to all of the guys who made the "Marcus Mixtape Militia" come true and also to all of the greatguys who were there and to all the (very) good friends who were there. It was an amazing weekend and an amazing "Altstadtfest" as well as especially a brilliant Friday. And Marcus: We'll meet again one day!!! R.I.P. my dear friend!!!
(PS: And now comes the song that he wanted to be played at his burial one day and that was played at the sad and mournful day of his burial this very year- and it's the song "HOPE" by ANATHEMA-, the final good bye up here for him!!!)


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