Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

"Manslaughter Andy" = Nazi of the week. "Manslaughter Thug Life" = Dangerous Nazi Site.

!!!WARNING!!! You are reading now with this very blog here one of the most evil and most mean Nazi sites on the web you could ever find, and the solely writer and runner of this blog is one of the most degenerated and most retarded Nazis you could ever find outta there, too. So that's why he became with heavy doses of justification announced to be the "Nazi of the week!" up on a site called "", a site before and if you want so also currently now still totally unknown to him. Unknown and unimportant. It must be this site here But you have to be warned that you are reading now some of the very most dangerous Nazi propaganda ever appeared on the web, just in case you don't get it by yourself. Now you have been warned. !!!WARNING!!!

1 Kommentar:

  1. Best way of dealing with such people is "outing yourself" as a nazi. When i was outed as a "nazi" by some folks in the local union in an old workplace i realised most people that befriended me after that where more openminded and liberal than the random pack of filth that used to say hello to me in the mornings. Just laugh it of as long as you have close friends and family that knows your morals and views you can thriow up a stiff arm salute to the common and blind masses and let them hate you in silence.