Sonntag, 8. September 2013

Look at yourself before you judge others!

Tonight just a little picture, and then that's all for now. Found it, loved and still love it, wanted to post it, just a great and so damn true message. Especially all these arrogant fucks (for example of the ''political'' kind) in self-love who think they are true greatness formed to a walking human being should keep this words finally close and dear to their small blind minds and ill cold hearts... clean up your own messed up life before you only think about to just dare to judge upon others, and take some good close looks at yourself and ask yourself who gave you the right to see yourself better than others and what gives you the right to only think you are better than any other outta there and can judge them... take close looks at yourself and if you are honest at least to yourself at least finally one day then you surely won't find that much... Great message, so look at yourself before you judge others!!!

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