Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014

News: New blog named "Out of the Darkness" and 2 DIAS DE SANGRE about to call it a day.

Hey folks, everything's fine?!? Before with some day next month this blog will be brought back to life in a proper way now just some short news lines:
(1.) Starting it with the good news: A new and very good blog had been brought to life by the end of 2013 and it is dedicated to Oi! Oi! Oi! music and the guy(s) who is (/are) running it is (/are) doing a great job with it. The blog is named "OUT OF THE DARKNESS" and I can only say that you should check it out as soon as possible, just in case that you haven't done it so far already. Go there here: and enjoy what you read!!! (I hope the (hyper-) link works, blogger refuses to show it as a link right now writing it, but if it not works like it should then just copy it into your browser headline and all should work out fine.)
(2.) And now to the second part of this News Post, and this is the bad part of it: 2 DIAS DE SANGRE will call it a day and go seperate ways from this year on. By the end of the last year they released their new album on their new label "ONE LIFE, ONE CREW" and did also a professional video clip for it, and now they announced that this year on the 31st of May of 2014 they will play their final show after 10 years of existence together with NASTY, REFLECTIONS and THE STORM in the german city of Quedlinburg in East Germany. I don't know why and how they made this decision, just know that it sucks. But okay, they will have had their reasons and we all have to respect it. And I think that it had been good reasons. Maybe I can get a statement of the band in the future, we will see. If you are interested in it and haven't done it so far then check the interview that I've done with them last year here:
That's it for now, more in the not so far away/ahead future.
Cheers /// (Manslaughter) Andy.

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