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Record Reviews October 2013 - March 2014; Review Package Part One: 99 Bottles, Bakers Dozen, Epic Problem, Iron & Stone, Kato, Keyside Strike, Kombatantes, Menace, Moment of Truth, R*U*S*T, The Enemy, Thunderfucker, Total Annihilation, Under the Church.

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"BACK WITH A BANG." (Or something like this...;-)...) Hey folks, and back into action we are finally again with- finally- bringing this very blog here and now back to (new-old) life in a proper way again. No big talking, just straight said: This blog was dead for some months in a row, not laid on ice or what the hell else ever, but laid to rest, dead, period.
It was a troubled year (one more time again, one might could guess), but I think that's something we all know all too well. Things only rarely work out like they once were planned, yes, it's an old story, no bitching around because of it, it's all just about how well you work yourself through and fight out of it, how well you walk through the fire, that's it all, that's what counts and matters solely at the end of the day. So I walked, yehp, and  Istill walk on. Like we all probably do if we want to get along and make it better. So it was too less time and by far too much to do the last year, and somehow slowly this very one blog here fell off along the way. Okay, it's maybe also a matter of setting priorities and this blog simply lost its priorities and importance to me, not at least simply because I had other things to think about and think through and had other things to get straight and take car of than writing and posting online about music, sports, movies, and what the hell maybe else ever. But that was then and this is now, and with a growing feeling  that this really needed to change again from some time in January 2014 on I started working again on the long ago announced posting series to finally get it all done (even it still grows on... whooaaa, we will see where this will end... if it is anyhow ending one day... if you know what I mean... anyway, we will see...), and now I thought: "Hey, fuck off what you've written last September or so what will be next up here, just kick it off again in a proper way and best do it with a new record reviews post." Not at least because of all the bands and labels who kept on sending me their albums for reviewing. (You're great, "THANX!!!" for your sendings, and just SORRY for the long time of waiting.!!!) This will be the first post of new record reviews, and I will deal and review here and now exclusively (with) all the albums that I received by mail from bands and labels around the globe. The second part of the record reviews from October 2013 to March 2014 will deal with all the stuff that I bought in this time. Or so it is planned currently, we will see if this works out or if not even more record reviews package posts will come up in the first before anything else is maybe coming online... we will see. Really a lot stuff that's  from now on coming for you with this two (or even more) posts, but if it all works out it will be just this two posts,(but we will see), but don't wonder if more than just two new record reviews posts will come up here , because if it is too much for only two posts I will extend this. (What could I do else?) And so, FINALLY, here we go again, already lost enough words, now straight into the action. Cheers & Oi! /// Andy
(PS: I know that also the retrospection on 2013 is still missing... some day soon- hopefully- a very short one will come up and then the chapter of 2013 up here is really closed, but we will see if it is then  stillmaking anyhow some sort of sense after all or not, so just you wait and see...)

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Announcement - Last Words before the reviews finally kick off: Big "THANK YOU!"'s go out to everyone who supported this blog with sending me your music, your bands material, your albums over the sort of a half year that this blog was dead and so kept it which means this blog in a sort of "re-animation friendly comatose status", THANX to you all, you're GREAT!!! And a big "SORRY!!!" for the long time you had to wait for your reviews and records to come finally up here. And extra big "THX!!!" go out to Brett Hole and "BLACK HOLE RECORDS", SUFFER THE PAIN, TRIBÜNAL, "SKINFLINT MUSIC", and "AGGROBEAT RECORDS". You're the best!!! And also big thanks to the guys in the "FAT SKINZ SECURITY" group for enlighting my faith and trust in Oi! Oi! Oi! music again, and for Bernando and his great and still very passionated work with his several blogs that finally motivated me to get my lazy ass up again. That's it, now here we go!!!

And don't ever forget: This is a P.C. free area. This means, that if you feel offended by the content or even already by the very existence of this blog, that's your thing to deal with, don't tick me off with your bitching, period. And, think about it, maybe you're just not in the target group of this blog, right?!? So go and fuck off and read something somewhere else. And, just btw, it's P.C. free for good reasons:

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And now, let's go!!! It feels good to be finally (!!!) back in action again.


(Split E.P.)
(If I am now not totally wrong, then this 7'' was released by the early beginning of 2014, but don't take my word on that...)
Whoooaaaa, they are really back, TOTAL ANNIHILATION are damn fucking truly and really back in action. This rules!!! They are teaming up for this split E.P. released on 7'' vinyl with their Colorado Oi! mates in the 99 BOTTLES, and both bands deliver two songs on their sides of the vinyl disc, and the running time of this is at all around ten minutes. Side A is owned by the 99 BOTTLES, and to be honest they are a band that I didn't know so far. Or at least they weren't anyhow "present" or something like this to me and in my mind. They offer us two songs, "LOST MY WAY" and "SKINHEAD VIOLENCE". And this is hymnal forward pushing straight ahead no bullshit American Oi! Oi! Oi! music with a great marking lead guitar and a strong rockin' edge to it that reminds me quite a bit of the almighty FATSKINS from Arizona/U.S.A. and this in the way of the delivery as well as in the approach of the music, but don't get me wrong, because they surely not copy and paste this legends. Rockin' and forward pushing guitars with great leads, snotty and very charismatic sung melodic lead vocals, and a precise as fuck rhythm section at work. Great stuff, no matter if you take the melodic and fast ahead "LOST MY WAY" or the more mid paced heavy forward stomping "SKINHEAD VIOLENCE" marked by heavy sawing guitars and a roaring rhythm section. Cool Skinhead lyrics on top of it, and also a first class perfect to the music matching production sound. What could you ask more for? Right, nothing. The 99 BOTTLES get 10 out of 10 points, without a doubt, and especially fans of the FATSKINS and the PHOENIX CITY MUGGERS should make sure that they know them. Then it's time to flip the vinyl and then it really happens, TOTAL ANNIHILATION are damn fucking back. And how they are back, fuck, just great!!! They give us a new own song of them named "YOU NEVER WERE" that is inspired by and dedicated to a good friend of them who died, and then they do give us a cover track of the infamous THE TEMPLARS classic "THE GLORY IT ONCE WAS". (And latest with this they would be or will be open 14/88 at least or especially for all of the mentally and intellectually incestuous german AFA P.C. nutjobs outta there.) It is great to hear that they stick true to their great style of American Oi! music somewhere between the YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE, BOOT PARTY, SOLDIER 76, PATTON'S LEGION, VANGUARD, HARDSOLE, and BATTALION 86, and maybe also fans of OXBLOOD and COUNTERATTACK will find their new favorite group (in case you really shouldn't  know them already). But it's even more great to see or hear/listen to that they really enriched and developed their style, and this on the same high level of quality than before, if not even on a lifted level of quality. Strong "CHISWICK"/(early) SKREWDRIVER feeling mixed with some SONS OF LIBERTY stuff of the lead guitar playing, an organ to back up the guitar solo, great ideas, even greater implementations, first class. Marked is their music, style, and sound still by the brutal and very unique and so damn charismatic lead vocals, great songwriting and energy non stopp, as well as great hard hitting and heavy stomping and also really nice varying and pretty diverse guitar work, a very present angry rumbling bass, and heavy hitting drumming, all tight and precise like fuck and totally in time all the time. Great songwriters at work, and also damn strong musicians, that deliver a totally stand-alone music. I love it!!! And I can't wait for a new proper full length finally to come!!! And also the almighty THE TEMPLARS they pay their respectful and honourable tribute in a fantastic way with delivering a brilliant cover version of one of their all time biggest songs. Great!!! Even more than this, point and fact. Also great lyrics on top of it, and a clear and warm, yet powerful and still somehow dirty production sound we get also as well. They also get clearly 10 out of 10 points. Good to see them finally back in action again!!! Made round is this brilliant package by a first class production sound, like more or less already said. So, what shall I say more, don't think twice, just go out and get this fantastic piece of American Oi! music. You won't get it any better than this. Perfect!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
(10 of 10 points)
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(PS: And THANKS to Brett Hole of "BLACK HOLE RECORDS" for sending me this great little album.)

(Released in the autumn of 2013.)
I received this album via E-Mail in its MP3 promotion version direct from the great guys in "SKINFLINT MUSIC", thnaks for this one more time again. This is a split release by this (U.S.) American label featuring the roughnecked warhorses of BAKERS DOZEN from Scot land and the at least to me pretty new Sverige Oi! Rock & Roller of the name of KOMBATANTS. Both bands deliver six songs to us what makes it a twelve song release at all, and this split runs through in thrity-seven minutes. It was released as far as I know or better as far as I think I know on LP as well as on CD, and the title of this release should be clear: The Bravehearts from Scotland and the Vikings from Svealand head over from the shores of old Mother Europe to invade the United States of America. And this is also displayed in the great artwork of this release. So, now after this facts to the bands and the music. BAKERS DOZEN... need I really to introduce them? No, I don't really think so, and also on this very blog here they had been featured already before. So, in short: One of the best active european Oi! and/or Skinhead Rock & Roll bands outta there, and one of the most defamed and attacked ones outta there too that seems to have always a prominent place reserved in the crosslines of todays AFA P.C. mafia when this nutjobs go on another witchhunt. At the end of the day this speaks more for BAKERS DOZEN than for their "enemies", this anonymous bunch of cowards. Musicwise they stayed true to themselves: Hard, heavy, brutal, and crushing Oi! Oi! Oi! with a heavy rocking edge to it and heavily and strongly dominated by the harsh guitars, the characteristic and smart'n'hard lead vocals, big and broad back up chants, and mighty and sing-a-long-friendly refrains. Crushing tunes and heavy beats for the Skins, Hools, and Punks outta there that still know about the real deal. For fans of hard stomping Brickwall Oi! like CONDEMNED 84 as well as for fans of todays brutal bonecracking Skinhead Rock (& Roll) like RETALIATOR this brave Scottish Skins of BAKERS DOZEN will be exactly what's needed in their stereo. I love it, I love this band, and this six songs are some of the most strongest stuff, also lyrical. Great outspoken and critical lyrics as well as cool Way of Life related stuff. Diverse songwriting, grapping arrangements, and especially fresh guitar riffing, and also a incredible tight and precise harsh working rhythm section (drums and bass), all what you need. BAKERS DOZEN get 9 out of 10 points, and I can't wait for a new full length of them to come hopefully soon. Great done job by the Bravehearts from the Highlands of Scottland. Next stop: Sverige. KOMBATANTS... who the fuck?!? A to me totally new band. I don't know if they have already released something else, and I am also too lazy to google it here and now, excuse me, please... They play a more soft and sort of Streetpunk-ish version of Oi! Oi! Oi! music, especially (or maybe just at least?) compared with BAKERS DOZEN. Rough guitars, snotty vocals, crunching bass, make-lace-drums, sing a longs, and all very thirsty, with a slight (a very slight) sailor feeling (test out "PIRATE SKINS"). Nothing special or fancy and I don't know what to write more about it here and now. Not bad, for sure not, okay to solid stuff, also for sure, but nothing that makes me want to play it again oh too soon. Reminds me a bit of the THE PATRONS debut EP from some years ago (I reviewed it also up here some years ago), but not so fast played. Okay songwriting, solid arrangements, everything's okay, but then that's it. Hurts no one, runs through when played, so enough words. They get 6 out of 10 points from me here and now, like okay and solid releases get up here in general. The clear victors or leaders of this split are BAKERS DOZEN and their six songs alone are reason enough to buy this album, and so you should do in case that you still don't call it your own. Great artwork and in cases of both bands a powerful yet still dirty and pretty great production sound on top of it all. Buy it if you still don't have it, BAKERS DOZEN alone are incentive to buy alone. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
(7,5 of 10 points)
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(Released in late 2013, if I am now not totally wrong with that...)
Whooaaa, that's a cool release. And a album that I probably would have never ever stumbled upon. So even more a extra big "THANKS!!!" to Brett Hole of "BLACK HOLE RECORDS" who send me this album via mail. This is, if I now have settled my mind correct together, a release that was released by the end of 2013, and it is a 7'' vinyl E.P. album that is released in form of a cooperation of and between the above mentioned labels. This 7'' features four songs, two on each side, in around ten minutes of complete running time. And this is something that I pretty much always cheer up to (as long as it is made good or even better), this si something pretty new and full of fresh ideas and creativity. And, just by a look at the (btw really great) coverartwork you may already got it, that this is something different compared to what the mentioned labels usually release. No Oi!, no Streetpunk, nah, at least not really that much. This is no bullshit taking Melodic Hardcore or Melody Core blended here and there with some fresh (U.S. American) Streetpunk influences. Imagine a mixture out of RISE AGAINST, PROPAGANDHI (to their "TODAY'S EMPIRES, TOMORROW'S ASHES" period), and some IGNITE mixed up with THE UNSEEN and some THE HARRINGTON SAINTS influences (and in "SINK" we get some cool MISFITS "Ohohooo-Ahahaaa" choirs as well). Sharp and hard, dry and heavy, but above all damn melodic and in every positive sense of it catchy guitar work, charismatic really sung throaty lead vocals, widescreen back up chants, and a forward storming rhythm section make and mark the music, above all the great melodies and powerful anthemic vocal, verse, and refrain arrangements. Great diverse and away carrying songwriting, skilled musicians, thumbs up lyrics, and a perfect to the music matching dynamic and energetic production sound, and all made round by a great artwork. I love this record, and I am really looking forward for more to come by EPIC PROBLEM. Nothing left to say, just that this is highly recommended to you.
(10 of 10 points)
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("D.I.Y."; MP3-Online + Download-Release)
(Released in February 2013.)
A friend of mine told me to check out this band, IRON & STONE, that would consist out of friends of him. So I did, I checked them out. This was late, very late summer if not early autumn last year, hm, back then this album was already released a half year ago or so, hm, and now it's March 2014 and it is over an year already out... But okay, who cares... So, in case that you have missed it so far, then just read on. Ah, and please don't ask me if there had been any physical releases of this been released back then. I know only of this MP3-Release, you can listen to it up on there Bandcamp site and if you like what you hear then buy it to download it and it's a ''name your price''-thing or -pick. Okay, so, I didn't know IRON & STONE before but I liked the artwork and the art that was displayed at their site and so I got curious about them, and when I finally clicked the "Play!" button (it's really easy these days to get music to listen to, just browse some names, surf to the sites, and do a click with the left of your CPU mouse and all is there in a few seconds...) they made me promptly like them. This is Sludge Metal blended with Stoner marks and enriched with slight impressions of Doom and some Post-Core/Metal-something. Deep and heavy buzzing, stunning hard guitars (with a strong Stoner Rock tone to it all), suffering throaty screamed and shouted lead vocals, a thundering bass and drumming, depressing melancholic atmosphere and mood of the songs, intense songwriting, and mostly down pace songs. It's all there, but I would love them to do something more, a little bit sort of a X-Factor stuff, and especially the vocals do lack more alternation and could need a broader, a wider range of emotions being expressed in a more varying way, if they then also add maybe a bit more fast pace and here and there some suprising moments in the guitar play as well as in the songwriting in general so that the songs vary more from one to another then IRON & STONE hold all what it takes to come off as a big positive surprise, because the potential they surely have and showcase here already. To the lyrics I can't say that much and so I will spare me every words more about them, before I say something completly wrong. But what I can say is that the artwork (which means the cover) rules and that the production sound owns pro quality. IRON & STONE are to be located somewhere in the wide field in between NEUROSIS, EYE HATE GOD, KYUSS, and BLACK SABBATH, to name some loose fix points to compare them with at least a little bit or something so like this. A good album, for sure, so give it a fair try if you are into Sludge and Stoner musick. Cheers!!! /// Andy
(7 of 10 points)
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("D.I.Y."; MP3-Online + Download-Release)
(Released June 2013.)
A band unknown to me before and beside this album so far still pretty much unknown. I've stumbled upon them last autumn when surfing for new music through the web. What I've found pleased my gusto, even it is surely music you need to be in the right mood for to listen to. This is a band from Greensboro, North Carolina/U.S.A. (and I think it is a real band and not ''just'' a man one project, but I am not so sure at all about it, so don't take my word on it) completly dedicated to Sludge and Doom inspired metallic blackened Dark Hardcore with a NEUROSIS inspired Post Core/Post Metal edge to it. On this, there second album that is released as a online MP3 release to listen to for free up on their Bandcamp site and if you want to download it then you can do so for a name your price pick, three songs including album with a total running time of about thirteen minutes they celebrate a dark, sinister, morbid, depressive, suffering, suffocating, suicidal, and apocalyptic musick to burn down a town or two to. Noisy distorted and evil buzzing and sawing guitars, suffocating and sick screamed and suffering roared lead vocals, and a shredding rhythm section to back it all up. Intense atmosphere and intense songwriting with a lot of twists and turns and truckloads full of surprises and sound collage things, NEUROSIS and SUNN O))) meet EYE HATE GOD and stuff like SCRUSHAHOR and STRIBORG. Nothing for every day or every mood, but good stuff anyhow for sure. And a band, that I personally would love to see on "SOUTHERN LORD" one day. Strong cover art that catches up perfect the dreary and dying mood of the musick, perfect matching inexorably production sound, hm, and to the lyrics I can't say anything - even song titles like "YET HIS SHADOW STILL LOOMS", "AND ALL OF THE RATS GATHER", and "DUST OF EARTH" maybe speak already enough for themselves. Fans of really intense and extreme musick should make sure to listen to KATO, I can only say that otherwise you would miss out an a truly damn good band that promises a lot for the future. Cheers!!! /// Andy
(8 of 10 points)
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(Released in the autumn/winter of 2013.)
This E.P. was originally released as a 7'' vinyl disc and I received it by E-Mail in its MP3 promo version for reviewing purposes, send to me by Brett Hole of "BLACKHOLE RECORDS" who put it out in cooperation together with some other well known labels, and once again "THX!!!" for sending it to me. (And of course "SORRY!!!" for the long time of waiting...) So, on this 7'' split release KEYSIDE STRIKE from England and R*U*S*T from Australia are teaming up together, with KEYSIDE STRIKE taking Side A and representing the "OLDE WORLDE" and R*U*S*T taking Side B and representing the "NEW WORLD" on this "OLDE WORLDE, NEW WORLDE E.P." titled release. KEYSIDE STRIKE deliver three songs, R*U*S*t two songs, and this in all five songs run through in around twelve minutes. KEYSIDE STRIKE I know already from their split with the almighty IRON CROSS on "KOI RECORDS" from some years ago. But I had them more Hardcore and Oi! in my memory then what I listen to of them on this release. A wild mixture out of heavy and harsh stomping Brickwall Oi!, metallic and rockin' MOTÖRHEAD impressions, Psychobilly influences (especially in the rhythm arrangements of the songs, in particular "KNIVES" must be named in this case here), and some slight Hardcore marks here and there (especially because of the brutal throaty shouted lead vocals). Wild and firy stomping and storming "crossculture-melting" musick sort of "Metallic Psycho Oi! Core" or what the hell else ever. Don't really matter how you want to name it, I like it pretty much. Really damn good stuff, cracking guitars, smashing bass, boneshaking drumming, brutal and heavy lead vocals, fresh arrangements, good songwriting, some fresh ideas, and really good musicians at work. Just make it here and there more tight and to the point and cut off crappy tracks like "YOUTH 2K" and this will get even better. KEYSIDE STRIKE here get 8 out of 10 points. Then to the Side B and with this to R*U*S*T. Well known up here, not at least because they released in 2013 some great shit, and their completly very own 7'' and the four way split of 2013 had been already reviewed up here, and now also this split of them with KEYSIDE STRIKE. I will make it short this time: One more time again just damn great stuff of them!!! Even more rockin' and rollin' then the last time(s) around. Mix MOTÖRHEAD and especially ROSE TATTOO with good old Brickwall Oi! and you know the deal. Fresh it up with a strong own identity, and let the Rock & Roll and Hard Rock influences more and more clearly take the lead and you will know what to do: Crank up the volume, rock hard, party harder. Great strong guitar work, charismatic sung lead vocals, sing a long friendly big refrains, tight rhythm section, cool songwriting, fresh own ideas, all there. For fans of THE CORPS and THUG, as well as for MUDERER'S ROW, THE BRIDGEBURNERS, and also a bit for fans of THE BROADSIDERS. R*U*S*T get 9 out of 10 points. Both bands deliver their songs in strong and crushing production sounds and this 7'' comes in a sheer beautiful artwork. Nothing left to say, just go and get it, period. Cheers & Rock'n'Oi! /// Andy
(8,5 of 10 points)
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(Originally released in 2012, on LP rereleased by "REBEL SOUND MUSIC" in the autumn of 2013.)
Received this vinyl rerelease of the so far last (?) MENACE full length album via E-Mail in its promotional MP3 version from Brett Hole of "BLACK HOLE RECORDS" (that so it seems are somehow involved in the release or the distribution of this album), and so once again thanks very much for it. And of course also once again sorry for the late review on it. Okay, back to the topic. MENACE, Punkrock legends from the U.K., Old School, veterans... and a band that never ever was on my list, haha ;-) ... Back then in the days they had been on countless Punk and Punkrock compilations disc that I bought or borrowed and some of their releases made their way to me, but just to make their way also back away from me to where they came from. Don't know why, but it was always too much "old men Punkrock music" for me, if you know what I mean respectively what I want to say, haha ;-) ... Okay, so you see, maybe not the best starting positions for that review. Okay, anyhow, this album was originally released in 2012 and then in 2013 it saw its vinyl release via "REBEL SOUND MUSIC", and so now here it is. MENACE play a Hard Rock influenced and in general pretty strong rockin' old schoolish classical U.K. Punkrock style, the songs are carried forward by snotty vocals, dirty rocking guitars, and are backed up by tight and stunning rolling bass and drum playing. It's all pretty laid back, pretty rocking and rolling, and also all pretty melodic. I would just love that it would be more compelling, that it all would have more energy and also more drive forward, and that the songwriting and especially the rhythm arrangements and also the drum playing would be at least only a little bit more diverse. It reminds me a bit of the ABRASIVE WHEELS album "SKUM" that I reviewd last year up here, but Ihave to add to this that the ABRASIVE WHEELS simply did it (afr) better, period. Also here and there and especially due to the bass and drum work the G.B.H. "PUNK JUNKIES" album comes to my mind, like said from time to time here and there. Anyhow, pretty strong is the guitar work that also offers some nice and also fresh ideas. Good and nicely diverse lyrics, a great artwork, and a strong production sound then finally add to this album. Not really my favorite bottle of protein shake, but also anything but bad. A solid release, nothing else. Give it a try, especially if you are into Old School U.K. Punkrock with strong Hard Rock and Rock (& Roll) influences, because then it could be that you will love this piece of vinyl. For me it is still too much old men (Punk) Rock music, but maybe I'm also just not in the exact target group of MENACE, who knows, but I think so ;-) ... Cheers & Oi! /// Andy
(6 of 10 points)
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("D.I.Y."; MP3-Online + Download-Release)
(Released at the 17th of November of 2013.)
A very good friend of mine (Angelo, the guitar player and mastermind of and behind the mighty 2 DIAS DE SANGRE) pointed me into the direction of MOMENT OF TRUTH, a new band from Nuremberg in Germany formed around the (former?) CRACKDOWN singer (if I am informed right) and that started out in 2013. This is their debut E.P., a self titled one, released at the 17th of November of the last year. And it was also around this time when Angelo told me to go and check them out. And so I did. And he was right with the anticipation that MOMENT OF TRUTH would really please my gusto. On this E.P. they give us five songs in around twenty minutes, and if I got my facts settled right together then this is not only released as this MP3 release online for free downloading on their Bandcamp site but it is also released in a physical form (as a CD I would guess) as well. MOMENT OF TRUTH label themselves as Punkrock... okay, you can name them so, no problems with it, but I would rather say that this is Oi!/Streetpunk and Punkrock fueled Hardcore with loads of mighty sing a longs in it. And this all done damn fucking good, period. Crushing guitar work full of powerful riffing, great leads and cool melodies, and energy, power, drive, and pure strength is truly the highlight of the music of MOMENT OF TRUTH and the most marking element. Then there are the brutal shouted slightly throaty and very slightly guttural intoned lead vocals as well as wide broadscreen gang shout back ups and crew choirs that enrich and cultivate it all. And all is backed up by a incredible beefy and bulky, sheer massive rhythm section that gives it all the right powerful punch. Great sing a longs and mighty chorus parts we get here also non stopp and without end. All is delivered by strong musicians that are also skilled songwriters and that have here some great grapping high energy fueled tunes settled together. I like it really very much and it should please Hardcore folks as well as Skinheads, Hooligans, and Punkrockers that are also to Hardcore and Oi! addicted. Just here and there a bit more variation of the pace and the lead singing here and there, and it would be sort of perfect or so. Comparable to the old DISCIPLINE to their unforgotten "BULLDOG STYLE" days, and if you liked and still like this time and style and sound (and how could ya not?) than you will love MOMENT OF TRUTH and you should make sure to check them out promptly. Can't wait for more of them to come, and thanks to Angelo for making me known to them. Good lyrics, cool artwork, and a HD quality production sound we get on top of it all. And now I just ask myself why the hell they aren't on any good proper record label... However: Get it, now!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
(9 of 10 points)
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(Released by the end of summer/beginning of autumn of 2013.)
Man... seems to be freaky fuckin' ages since I got this album and announced it to be reviewed up here in the final words of the last record reviews posting up here so far. It back then reached me only a little bit too late for still making it into the mentioned post... but never would I have thought that it would take so long for it to be finally reviewed up here by me for you. Okay... that's life, I guess... anyhow... Ah, and don't get the cover artwork wrong, this is definitely no THE 69 EYES like glammy Gothic Rock ;-) . This was released on vinyl as a 7'' single by "REBEL SOUND MUSIC" and I think that in one way or another in this release or in promoting it also "BLACKHOLE RECORDS" had been involved because they send me this little album via E-Mail in its promo version back then. Four new THE ENEMY songs we get, in around twelve minutes. I think THE ENEMY are a more or less semi-legendary band from (I guess) the States and this are four totally new songs of them. Okay, to be honest... I never heard of them and didn't knew them before and so this four songs are or better had been a totally new discovery to me. And I liked what I heared and still like it today. Relaxed and melodic but not candy-coated or lame Streetpunk full of melodic yet pretty heavy guitar playing (with a lot of fresh ideas, like for example the cool guitar lead of "ALL GUNS BLAZING" with its slide guitar hint) that mark the songs strongly, and hymnal arrangements with loads of Sing A Long potential and all delivered perfect by a great charismatic lead singer that simply owns a very anthemic style and voice of lead singing, and all is backed up by a tight, precise, and pretty heavy working rhythm section. The songwriting is great, the arrangements of this songs as well and also filled with nice little fresh and very own ideas, and they manage also to somehow deliver a sort of totally releaxed and absoultely non-hastily feeling or mood or maybe atmosphere that is really just great and without any bullshit hustle and bustle. I like it. The powerful refrains and chorus lines only add up to this. Best songs are without a doubt from my point of view "ALL GUNS BLAZING" and "LITTLE BIG MAN", but also "LIE TO ME" and "YOU, THE PEOPLE" convince in a total way. And especially I like the very strong marking guitars that also don't shy away from cool solos and fresh and grapping leads that really let the guitars sing along as well. Thumbs up for this release of fresh Streetpunk or maybe just Punkrock without any clichés and instead of this filled with quality, skills, and autheticity. I can only highly recommend it to you, if you should have missed out on it so far. Also very stand alone, so that any bands to compare them with aren't coming to my mind right now right here. Good and strong lyrics on top of it, as well as a cool artwork, and a first class production sound. Again, highly recommend by me to/for you, so just go and get it if you like Streetpunk/Punkrock and know what's good for you, period. Cheers & Oi! /// Andy
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("D.I.Y."; MP3-Online + Download-Release)
(Released at 3rd of September 2013.)
Eleven songs in about thirteen minutes we get from THUNDERFUCKER on their self-released debut (?) titled "EXHAUST". THUNDERFUCKER are from Muenster in Germany and just by looking at the running time and the amount of tracks pushed through in that short time you may already know what we get from them, and if you thought like "Grindcore." then you were right, this is Grindcore. (And judging by the song titles pretty much of the totally P.C. kind... but who cares... let them do their thing and act their part...) This band and album had been recommended to me by a friend of mine, hm, but I am not so sure why... Anyhow, this album is up for a free download on their Bandcamp site, but don't ask me if there are any physical copies of it floating around. Short songs filled with dirty sawing and noisy shredding guitars, guttural screamed and shouted hysterical vocals (by different singers - and especially the lead singing, no matter of whom, lacks soo much of everything... incredible...), and a fast paced rhythm section backing it then all up. Here and there it gets a little bit slower and some fresh surprises come into play (listen to the highlight of this album titled "DIE ANDEREN"), but mostly it is all fast paced and stoic hammering slightly chaotic grinding noise that attacks your ears from out of your speakers. Only very, very rarely better, mostly by far more very bad than anything like good, and also mostly all the time not too surprising or fresh or creative or good at all, the songwriting skills could really need to be strengthened up. I think you know the deal, if you are into mostly non-metallic, punky, short timed and fast paced, very simple and also very primitive and reduced to the essentials Grindcore than give THUNDERFUCKER a try, if you expect something more and also your Grindcore to be more than just reduced to the rudimentary essentials noise, hm, then better stay away from them. I think this is exactly what they want to do and so it is all good and fine and let them do their thing and have fun, all okay, but I can't take them really that much serious, they should develop their musick quite a bit so that we could talk of real songs and real music in more than just two or three cases. But that's just my perception, if you are into above described target group of the reduced, simple, primitive, non-metallic, punky Grindcore stuff then you will maybe love them and should check them out promptly. To the lyrics I can't say that much and so I won't, even it seems to be very stereotypical cliché P.C. stuff, but who cares, if that's there thing, like already said, let them do their thing and have fun, as long as they are hurting nobody ;-) ... The dirty and noisy production sound fits perfect to the music, without a doubt, but if it benefits it that much I am not so sure at all, but I like the cover artwork really quite a bit. Okay, more than enough said, nothing for me, I am out of it. If you think you are probably into it then check the following link, otherwise make sure to stay away from this crappy noise...
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("D.I.Y."; MP3-Online + Download-Release)
(Released in April of 2013.)
After Rock & Roll and Oi!, Streetpunk and Punkrock and Sludge and Grindcore now some Metal musick is up, Metal of the Death Metal kind. hailing down from Iceland. Time to crack down your ears ;-) . UNDER THE CHURCH are a young Death Metal band from Iceland, playing an Old School style of Death Metal with a special swedish touch to it. They released this album as a Online and Download Release that you can listen to and buy it (for downloading) for a price of 20SEK online up on their Bandcamp site (copy this link into your browser and just go there: so if you like what you read further on here then just go there and listen to it and in case you like it then just buy it right there. (If there had been also any physical releases out I don't know, sorry.) So, okay, further on and onwards things should go and so they do right now, right here. UNDER THE CHURCH play rough and fast, moshing and thrashing Old School Death Metal with a nice olde tyme Sverige flair to it all which means that the old (and early) DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED, GRAVE, EDGE OF SANITY, as well as also UNLEASHED are very well known to them (- so I would guess). Shredding and sawing, dirty and rough, loud and noisy, hard, heavy, yet also in the right moments pretty melodic guitars mark the songs heavily, deep guttural grunted vocals add up to it, and a broad and harsh thundering rhythm section then makes it all round. The songwriting differs from very fast moments (but no blast speed anywhere) over evil thrashing parts and totally old school Mosh moments, to down paced slow motion Doom parts, with the guitar playing (the riffs as well as the leads) being clearly the dominant factor of it all, all cultivated slightly with some pretty chaotic flair and taste to it all here and there. Nothing anyhow new and also not at least a little single bit of changing the formula, but okay, I guess that wasn't their goal anyhow. This is through and through pure swedish Old School Death Metal, with a for me a little bit too strong retro feeling here and there, some more fresh kept ideas and a stronger own identity won't do them any harm in my book, if you know what I mean. But they are a young band and we will see where their journey will lead them to. For now this is all in all truly a good starting point, without a doubt, so if you are into Old School Death Metal (especially of that certain swedish kind) then you shouldn't think twice and check them out promptly in case that you still don't know them. To the lyrics I can't say anything, but the old schoolish dirty yet heavy production sound and the funny Zombie artwork (what gives this all a somehow ironic and humoristic touch on top) make this all round. Good stuff so far already, keep it rollin'. Let us see what you bring to the table with your next sign of life, I'm curious. Cheers /// Andy
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("D.I.Y."; MP3-Online + Download-Release)
(Released in December 2013.)
And here it is already, the next sign of life of/by UNDER THE CHURCH, the Sverige Old School Death Metal freaks from the city of Reykjavik, Iceland. This is a new song by them recorded and released in December 2013 up for listening to and downloading on their Bandcamp site (the link will close this review, so just look down), if you want to download it so that you have it at home on your own disc and maybe then burn and copy it on a CD-R or so then you have to pay 8SEK for it. They sticked true to their style and with "BURNING" they give us this one new song of/by them, and "BURNING" is a mad and evil thrashing hard, heavy, and harsh rampage song marked by aggressive and typical old schoolish swedish guitar riffing, sharp and fast, and then the deep throaty guttural grunts and the furious storming rhythm section add up to it. "BURNING" gives us no or allows us no breaks to breath, instead of this it hammers in a stoic and nearly hypnotic full throttle way through in under three minutes running time at all. Imagine a aggressive and stoic forward marching mixture out of old and early DISMEMBER and old and early UNLEASHED and you will get a pretty good idea of what UNDER THE CHURCH created here with "BURNING". Still Old School as fuck so don't expect them to invent the wheel new or something like this, but if you like this kind of (Death) Metal music then check it out. They've done a really good job on and with "BURNING", cutted off the crappy retro feeling quite a bit and delivered beside this all in all just a decent song, point and fact. Again I can't say anything to or about the lyrics, but the great authentic production sound and the funny Slasher Horror Demon artwork really convince as well. Good job, really good job, and now just give us a proper full length at least of this quality and all and everything will be fine. Cheers!!! /// Andy
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Okay folks, that's it for now, the next post(s) will be some more record reviews for you, and there's still a lot in the pipeline, waiting to be finally reviewed up here. A bunch of releases of the sympathic "AGGROBEAT RECORDS" label is still waiting to be reviewed, as well as new or current releases of SUFFER THE PAIN and TRIBÜNAL and to me new bands like DRIFTER who send me their stuff for reviewing, and who knows if not already new stuff is in the mail. (Will have a look later on.) And not to talk about all the records that I've bought over the last passed months... Thinking now about it then I think that you can prepare yourself for at least two other record reviews posts coming up here in the soon future.
When you ask me when the next one will come up then I can only say as soon as possible. I am starting tomorrow my new work/job, and currently I can't say how much time intensive this will be, but some day the coming week or latest at the next weekend the next post or even posts will come up. Next time exclusively record reviews again, then more will come and add to it in the future,  but don't ask me when, but all step after step, so don't ask me for any future plans, just wait, see, and let yourself be surprised, that's pretty much how I handle it up here as well. Ah, but trust me when I say, that much to read will follow from now on more or less (hopefully pretty) regulary again.
That's all, thanks for your time and interest, and it really feels good to be in the action again.
Cheers & Oi! /// Andy

Wise words.

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