Freitag, 14. Dezember 2012


Hey folks, got inked today, around four to five hours suffered through the pain, but it was worth it, every single minute of thinking "Fuck, what the fuck am I doing here and why the hell I do it, damn it!!!", the result is great!!! I am very happy and satisfied with it. While I could start to puke when I think of the finishing actions tomorrow of our ''moving into a new apartment'' posse with the hurt and aching skin on my back, but anyhow, it's just great that I have this motif now finally!!! A photo or picture of it I will post some day in the future on the right side of this very blog together with the photo of my Bulldog Tattoo. At least I plan to do so. Ahrg, and next coming tuesday already the next tattoo date is up, brass knuckles to my left leg or so you might could name it.
So, okay, before I will go pretty soon to bed I felt the need to do something up here, and so I do, even it's just some little stuff. Or two little actions I will carry out up here for now for you.
First again I will give you just a small picture, living out my nerdyness once again, giving you a picture that will take you and me, that will take us once again back to my favorite planet ETERNIA, showing us the attack of one of my favorites, the mighty SPIKOR, on HE-MAN and FISTO. It's great art and great done, all in the 200X MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE era style, my total favorite era of HE-MAN & THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE and it really makes me pretty sad that "MATTEL" was too stupid to run that line competent and succesful and such a awesome character and figure like SPIKOR never saw the light of day in this to me so damn important very line. But okay, anyhow, just enjoy this picture and then that's it with it and the next little stuff is then now coming for you.
And this next new little stuff is a nice video clip of the so far still current title track of the still newest and with this so current SPIDER CREW album titled "STILL CRAZY BUT NOT INSANE". A album that unfortunately totaly went away on me so far, but I somehow really need to change this in the future. This is a brilliant anthem of a song, Oi! and Streetpunk influenced Vienna Style Hardcore with clear New York Hardcore roots at its damn fucking very best and I expect also the complete album to be exactly like this. Still, so it seems, one of the best Hardcore bands around!!! Vienna Style, baby!!! Just enjoy it and turn the speakers of your computer to the max volume!!! I really love this band since I saw them live for the first time, hm, and that's maybe already ten years ago or so from now on and it was right here in good old Goslar Rock City. Good times it had been!!!
Okay, and then that's it for today, enjoy the picture and the video clip and then for today it's again already now bye bye, tomorrow the clock bell rings loud pretty early and a lot work is to do while I am also damn fucking tired and just "through with it all" today respectively tonight. So, yes, good night and sleep well or party damn hard before you're going to sleep well and all that stuff!!!

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