Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012

VISION - "WATCHING THE WORLD BURN" (Dutch Streetpunk from 2000... a overlokked gem, still stands its ground even after twelve years passed)

("Epitaph Europe Records"; CD):
Okay, here's a pretty old record, a album that was released twelve years ago, the "WATCHING THE WORLD BURN" titled full length album by the dutch Streetpunk band VISION. I've stumbled upon this CD only some few months ago when I was trying to kill some time in my hometown and sneaked through the halls of the local movie shop and there I saw and found this album in the collection of second hand CD's they have there waiting to be finally sold again one day. They sold this disc for something around 3,00 Euros or so and after I remembered that over a decade ago "EPITAPH RECORDS" used to release some good stuff and after I also remembered that I know and like the band VISION from some compilation discs (think the second part of the "THE WORLDWIDE TRIBUTE TO THE REAL Oi!" series and the "STILL GOING STRONG" comp disc) I became pretty curious about it, and also the band pictures left some good impressions there was no holding me back and I bought it promptly. If I'm now not going totally wrong then VISION were a dutch band, not active anymore. And I am also anything but familiar with VISION, so don't ask me any questions about their discography, history, or what the hell else ever. Just have this album of them, and this also for not so long, bought in August or September, and then that's it. It's currently even not so easy to follow and get my hands on all the new releases I want if not need to have due to some not so rich and big financial ressources at this current time, and still some I don't have yet, so I have also not that much to spend on older and old releases and the search for them, but some day in the future this will finally change (again) and this is not about bitching and crying around, instead of this, this is about a review on a old album finally again up here, sorry if you got a different and with this a wrong impression. This album and band , this stuff brings me back to a great time, not a better time, surely not, but a time much more easier and uncomplicated than today, and also to a time when the music called and named Streetpunk still had really something and this means a lot to offer and was fresh and grapping and far away from this candy coated boring crap for some dumb drunken kids and/or stpid fake ass wanna be tough guys and/or some bullshit dickheaded nutjobbed ''subcultural hipster'' scum, or guys that proclaim to listen to Oi! but without having only a small single clou about it all at all. This is just how great Streetpunk once was and maybe still could be. And especially across the border in the Netherlands they always had a hand for this stuff. And so did VISION. Okay, surely, keep the twelve years of age in mind that this album today now already carries on its back, so this is maybe nothing new today anymore, or however you may would like to say it, but this is still anyhow something incredible damn great, and this still after all those years. Fast and sharp hitting, hard played yet melodic arranged guitars, powerful and perfectly in time played fast rhythm work by drums and bass, fat crew shout back ups, cool sing a long parts, and a truly and really sharp spitted sung lead vocals voice. It's all there. All done tight and precise, commanding musicians at work, without a doubt. Also the songwriting works perfect, and so while even the very most songs are played fast and faster with also a undeniable Old School (/Melodic) Hardcore influence in it, a influence that makes this album also surely and calmly worth a listen for fans of a band like for example IGNITE, and it's all done very catchy and anthemic, it never gets boring or something like this and a lot of suprises you can find, like Reggae impressions and a powerful forward driven Oi! influence, so, yes, it's all there. Also lyrically you find here a lot of and with value and worth, the production sound is a true tough bomb and the artwork is just a cool as well as great one. So, if you still are in great Streetpunk, especially the one from the Netherlands in the tradition of bands like TECH 9, then make sure to buy this album if you see it somewhere and don't call it already your one. Great Streetpunk, not more, not less, just Streetpunk, just great!!! Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)
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