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Record Review: BOY - "DARKEST VISIONS" ("Rebel Sound" & "Voltage Records"; LP)

(Record facts: Ten songs in around thrity-one minutes of running time. Released at the 4th of April of 2014.)
(Collector facts: Released in a deluxe format and on black vinyl wrapped into a anti-static-bag and coming with a twelve page booklet.)
Punkrock!!! That's the order of the day right now. Okay Punkrock and Rock & Roll, to say it more precise. I received this album via E-Mail by Brett Hole/"BLACKHOLE RECORDS" some time ago for reviewing it... and so finally here now you all get my review on it. This album is for all what I know the newest one of BOY from the Czech Republic and it's released in a collaboration work style via the great "REBEL SOUND MUSIC" label from the States and the to me so far more or less totally unknown "VOLTAGE RECORDS" label based like BOY, too, in the Czech Republic. It's released in its physical format in a great deluxe LP box, a must have if you are into it. Into what? Ah, soon, just wait a very, very short time only longer and you'll know it. Before we go in it deeper I just have to say that for all what I've read there's also another release of "DARKEST VISIONS" by BOY floating around, on CD and LP released by the german (?) label "WOLVERINE RECORDS", but please don't ask me any questions. Now that you know this, here we go: BOY were to me pretty unknown to me before, just knew them from their song on the cool "CASHING IN ON CHRISTMAS V" comp from last year and currently I am just too lazy to ask the almighty gods of Google any question about BOY, and instead of this I just stick with this very album here. And what they deliver here is really strong and damn good Punkrock with a clear and very strong Scandinavian Gutter Rock & Roll touch (or vice verca, makes not that much difference after all in the case of BOY here), it's really fucking hymnal and by mostly any positive means catchy and sing-a-long friendly like hell, driven forward by hard and fast pushing guitars, sharp aimed and precise hitting, full of drive and power and even more marked and filled by great melodies and leads, driven forward without any mercy and with just a great and good-feelin' vibe, full of energy and dynamics, this is just a great album to go on and party hard and dance even harder to while your cheering up enthusistically to life and just enjoy it in a glorious and triumphant way when listening to this band and album, despise the dark iconography and title of the album as well as also some of the lyrics, haha:-). The guitars are really the trademark of BOY and the music they create, no matter if it are the riffs or the exiting leads and solos. Thumbs up!!! The great and really strong and big lead vocals as well as the back ups only add up to it, and the perfect precise rhythm section just makes it all round. The guys in BOY can play, oh yes, and how they can play, great, really skilled guys here at work, and they even know better how to write strong songs, and I mean really strong songs. BOY blend in Scandinavian Gutter Rock & Roll like THE BONES, the BACKYARD BABIES, and TURBONEGRO with Punkrock somewhere between the U.K. SUBS and RANCID and add to this some ROSE TATTOO and MOTÖRHEAD as well as some ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT, hm, and here and there I can't help myself but some parts show to me some BLINK 182 and GOOD CHARLOTTE influences (no problems with me with that), but maybe I'm just not that correct about it, who knows (...who cares...), anyhow, and soemwhere in between this all you will surely find BOY celebrating their very own party, hm, and so go and have some brews with them. Ah, now just some name dropping for ya, because some guys in BOY play also in the bands PIPES & PINTS and also in the MAD PIGS, and I really love also the fact that here they do it all (self-) ironical with a big smile on their faces, and this big smile they do give further on to us while we are listening to this album. A really great album, and to be honest then I have to admit that I would never ever have expected this, so it's a really big positive surprise to me, and I can only recommend this to you, a really great album, period. So go on out and buy it. I'll now have a drink to it and keep the good mood I'm in and the big smile that's on my face, so cheers to you!!! Ah, and if I now just would know what this bullshit band name is all about things would be perfect, haha;-). Cheers. /// Andy
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