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Record Review: SNIPER 66 - "SNIPER 66" ("Rebel Sound"; LP)

(Released @ the 21. of March 2014.)
(Record facts: Eleven songs in around twenty-eight minutes of running time.)
(Collector note: Limited to 250 copies in black and white splattered grey vinyl.)
Like announced here's the changing of the running mode of the Record Reviews posts up here, sort of a move back to the beginnings of this very blog, so that every album gets finally again its very own post, and so here we go again. And there could have been no better way to kick this off again than with the review on this record, the self titled full length album of the Texas Streetpunk Roughnecks in SNIPER 66. This album was send to me by Brett Hole, the C.E.O. of "BLACKHOLE RECORDS" via E-Mail for reviewing it, and so I finally do. And "THANX A LOT!!!" man. It's released via "REBEL SOUND MUSIC" as a limited LP version (and the backcover shows the year 2012 for what reasons ever as the release (?) date, but don't ask me anything about it) and in a fucking great artwork. (I need that cover printed on a shirt, soon, period.) This is a totally great album, and even more than this. SNIPER 66 were formed in 2009 and they hail'n'roar out of Austin, Texas/U.S.A. and they deliver us one hell of a amazing great (American) Streetpunk all out attack that's incredible angry, fucking heavy, and really aggressive, yet at the same time so incredible hymnal and larger than life catchy that you just have to raise your fist, sing a long to, dance fucking hard, and smash everything in sight, that's great, and even more than this... this is Streetpunk how I learned and lived to love it, this is Streetpunk how it was meant to be, this is just incredible great, point and fact. The guys know how to play, they know how to write great and grapping songs, and they deliver on a level like it wasn't experienced anymore and if so then only very rarely since the forever immortalized OXYMORON called it a day years ago. Filled with fantastic guitars, varying and tight, aggressive riffing, hymnal leads, great rhythms, diverse pace - it fucking rules. Then there are the great snotty'n'dirty and hard yet still really sung and pretty charismatic lead vocals, backed up by massive crew chantings, widescreen style. All is made round then by the rhythm section consisting of a full blown powerful bass and a wall of sound smashing through your speakers that are in fact the mighty drums at work. Skilled musicians that really deliver the goods, and a fantastic songwriting full of great ideas, grapping moments/ideas, nice surprises and amazing groovy rockin' & rollin' moments, great rhythm arrangements, to the point perfect planned and tight done precise and smart changes of the pace, forceful arranged verses, and just sheer almighty and larger than life sing a longs and refrains, just fucking brilliant stuff. If you ask me, then my favorite songs are clearly "FIRECRACKER", "LET'S GO HAVE A DRINK", "ALL DRESSED UP" (nice "Chiswick"/early SKREDRIVER influenced guitar riffing, first class), "HOPE FOR TOMORROW", "I KNOW IT'S TRUE", "DOESN'T MATTER", "MY BROTHER", and the totally outstanding "SPOTTED & ROTTED" (my total personal favorite track), but make no mistakes and think the not named songs would suck or anything like this, hell no, on and on just pure gold if not even pure platinum stuff through and through. I love it, I'm totally conquered by SNIPER 66. All is made complete by great lyrics, a first class production sound, and the great artwork. So you see, here we have what we can calmly and easily and totally justified call the complete package. Oh Hell Yeahr!!! SNIPER 66 thankfully play it not only damn amazing and fucking great, but thankfully also very independently, but if you need some cornerstones then let me tell you that you find them somewhere in between OXYMORON, TOWERBLOCKS, (newer) PATRIOT, and (some) THE ANTI-HEROS, and so you may already see (at least if you have some knowledge about and taste in really good music) that this is totally mind blowing. What makes me like it even more is the fact that it's totally authentic and not at least because of this sympathic in the attitude and spirit that breathes this music by SNIPER 66. This is a really fantastic album, and also, bottom line, this is Streetpunk, real Streetpunk, period. Get it, and do it as fast and soon as you only can. Fantastic!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
(9,5 of 10 points)

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