Sonntag, 26. November 2017


(Running time: 35:22 minutes; 9 songs)
("Nuclear Blast Records"; 2017; CD):
Hey guys, yes, I'm already back again, oh hell yeahr, like yesterday announced and so here now comes the next dose for you, yes, the third one this weekend, yes, and I think that's pretty decent, yes, and so now without any longer ramblings straight into the action and this action is my review on SUFFOCATION's new album "...OF THE DARK LIGHT" released still pretty recently (or so...) this year of 2017 via the german "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS" label. "...OF TNE DARK LIGHT" is the 8th album by/of SUFFOCATION in their nearly thirty years of existence spanning career and the godfathers of Slam Death Metal return once again in an impressive  way, a very impresssive way. Somewhere between 'slammy' Brutal Death Metal and 'proggy' Tech Death Metal varying this U.S. Death Metal roughnecks deliver nine new songs full of intensity and sheer technically very high skilled brutality that's still incredible strong and excitingly diverse in its inner structure and conquers massively with its very strong own flavour and character and that shines with its very grapping and exciting, very strong and also intense as well as atmospheric songwriting that delivers stunning soul- and playful and exciting and rousing surprises and also truckloads of changes in the pace and the rhythmic architecture and structure of the songs as well as in the mood or better the atmosphere of the solitary songs as well as the whole album and turning SUFFOCATION's "...OF THE DARK LIGHT" into one hell of an exciting and interesting as well as simply just overwhelming and rousing ride over the complete (and anyhow too short) running time. Crushing and devastating guitars that deliver outstanding great and often surely 'tricky'n'proggy' leads and stunning solos as well as and especially a absolutely cracking and shredding rhythm work full of brute force and pure power and yet still creating a very strong and 'tight'n'thick' dark, cold, and sinister atmosphere, hell yeahr, and above all it all is very, very intense and this over all the time. Then the harsh and guttural, brutal grunted lead vocals only add up to it all. The massive and every resistance crushing rhythm section then finally backs it all fantastically beefy and bulky up and shines especially when it's all about the blast in an amazing way. My personal favorites are "CLARITY THROUGH DEPRIVATION", "THE WARMTH WITHIN THE DARK", "RETURN TO THE ABYSS", "...OF THE DARK LIGHT", and "SOME THINGS SHOULD BE LEFT ALONE", total killers, but don't make the mistake to think that the not mentioned songs would be anyhow anyway weak stuff, hell no, they also rule massively. Interesting and very well (to) the musick matching lyrics, a cold and dark artwork, and a blasting porduction sound then round it all up. All in all SUFFOCATION deliver with "...OF THE DARK LIGHT" a damn great new album and one hell of a strong Death Metal album that only adds up to the list of superb new very strong and impressive Death Metal albums so far this year of 2017. I can only recommend this masterpiece to you, highly recommend it.
(9 of 10 points) (-the link to the Facebook site of the band)


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